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1st Appointment at the fertility clinic

OH and myself have our first appointment on the 7th March and I'm really nervous but haven't told OH that I am because I don't want to seem silly.

I think the main thing I'm nervous about is what will happen and I'm scared that It's my fault we haven't already got a baby by now. Me and OH are 21 and 23 and are healthy so its very fustrating and I also get stressed really easily which obviously can't be helping.

Does any one know what happens at the 1st appointment? It might help ease my nervousness

Thanks for any help


  • Hiya,

    Firstly try not to worry too much, its really good that you have been referred, one step along the way towards your baby!! Is there anything particular that makes you think it is you? Are your periods regular?

    At the first appointment they will do your weight and height, then ask you both loads of questions about your past medical history and previous pregnancies/miscarriages. I had an internal scan and swabs done, they requested more bloods - day 2-4 and another set of day 21 and hsg for me and another SA for hubby.

    They were really nice, so try not to stress!

    Can I ask how long you have been ttc for?

  • Hi Steph,

    I think it varies slightly from place to place, but seems fairly similar on reading other people's experiences. My 1st appt was very stress-free and relaxed.

    We were warned that we may share a waiting room with maternity/post-natal, which was my biggest fear!! But there weren't any glowing, joyous expectant mothers to make me feel like a failure!

    I was weighed (worst part of the appt!) and had to fill in a questionnaire about my health, mental health, relevant family history (ie. if there is any history of abuse) and a disclaimer that allows them to contact your GP for any history. Without this they will not treat you.

    I then saw a fertility nurse and we went through both our histories and discussed was to help improve our fertiltity. It was very helpful and encouraging.

    We booked DH's sperm test (we took a pot home and just had to arrange a time to drop it off) and my ultrasound scan.

    We saw a consultant gynacologist at the follow up appt 2 months later for the results.

    I hope that helps.
  • Hey! it seems like me and u are in the same boat! I had my first app on 3rd of march and I'm not sure what to expect either! we are also the same age lol. from

    what I have been told the first app is more about asking questions than anything else and also doin STI checks (as previous note says this differs between hospitals). what tests have u had so far? how long have u's been trying for? best of luck!! xx
  • Heya Hun.

    I know it's easy to say but try not to worry this is an exciting time nothing to stress about.

    It's easier for them to sort out fertility problems in women than men, so I was hoping it was me.... Plus I already thought it would b as I have PCOS and just hoped that was the only prob no blockages in my tubes are anything.

    At my first appt it was so quick 15 mins she asked me lots of questions as the others have said, I wasn't weighed, I wasn't examend or scanned. OH had already had his SA we were told to get his appt done first then mine. As they needed his results before my appt. If I were u I would book ur OH in for his SA as soon as poss, as they will tell u too at ur appt anyway. Plus there's no point u going on Clomid or something if his SA needs looking into.

    Literally after the questions she wrote a prescription for proversa to bring in AF as I dont have them regular, then Clomid which I have just started taking.

    Like I said try not too worry easier said than done I know.

    Good luck hunny x x
  • Thanks for all your messages and sorry its been so long (my internet died) I did call the hospital and ask as I couldn't get to your lovely replys and I was told that they will tell us wether we are compatible for each other (which made me worry more and also started thinking of the episode of friends that monica and chandler find out that they can't have babies together :cry: )

    Me and my partner have been trying for 20 months now and my cycles were roughly 42days and now all of a sudden are 32 days :? not sure why though.

    Also VERY p***ed off with my hospital now as our first appointment was ment to be in March then they cancelled it and made it the 4th April and now they've cancelled again and it's now the 9th May :x :x I really hate all the waiting its really upsettig me. Doesn't help the fact that I currently have really bad pains down there and my boobs are killing me(although would be amazing if it was signs as AF is due 23rd I think lol) Knowing my luck it will be AF though :cry:

    Thanks again for all your help and I hope you all get your BFPs soon xx
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