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Irregular LTTC Cycle buddies!!

Hi girls,

Following on from the excellent suggestion on Windys post I thought I would set up this thread so that we could have a home to rant, vent and pour out our frustrations!!

I personally find it very difficult being on the TTC threads due to the constant quick bfps and all the talk about 2ww. Sorry if that makes me a horrible person!!

Anyway - im on CD 36 now and no sign of anything happening. But then having just had a cycle of 70+ days and 80+ days it could be a while!!


  • hi know how u feel time is running out 4 me im 43 now already have kids youngest is 4yrs last yr been ttc again but af visits wen she likes gd .
  • Hiya,

    Great idea! I'm finding myself hanging out here more and more and moving away from ttc forum for same reasons.

    I've been tryig for almost 1 year and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS by scan and awaiting blood tests to confirm but gotta have them on CD1 and have no idea when that will be, grrrrr. Currently on Cd37 i think so def a good cycle buddy.

    My doc has referred me to gynae which is really good and have first appt on 4th april, couting down the days!

  • :lol:

    Glad to see this has a thread title of its own!!!

    We've been ttc-ing for almost a year with it taking 8 months for AF to show up after coming off the pill. Also been diagnosed with PCOS. Doing all we can to take a very chilled attitude to the whole ttc but it ain't always easy :roll:
  • Hey munchie

    I know what you mean about the difficult work situation. I am applying for a big promotion at the moment - got through to the second interview so far. Feel guilty for going for it - but at the same time I cant put my life on hold for what 'might' happen when it is taking so long!
  • I've applied for a job in the Caribbean!! I thought, sod it, if I end up never havng a baby I'm going to wonder what I did with the 2 years I spent trying!

    Knowing my luck, I'll find out I'm pregnant about 2 weeks after starting there- thats what happened last time I quit my job, bought a new car and decided to put baby-making on the back-burner, as it wasn't happening!

    Back to cycles, anyway! I poas this morning and, on-cue, there was a faint LH line, so still positive that I might have a normal cycle again. I also did another pg test!! Hahaha! Just incase!! Am I a total nut-job??!!

    And am I the only one who literally buys ov tests and pg in batches of 30-40??? I wonder if they think I'm totally crazy when they get my order!
  • Lol nope - i bought my last lot in a pack of 90!! with my usual cycles that just about covers me for one cycle!!!
  • Haven't started ovulation packs etc but beginning to think I should.

    Did a HPT this morning as AF not made her entrance yet. BFN naturally :evil:

    Got to work to be greeted with two people announcing their pregnancies. Afraid I did not cope well and had to go and shed a tear. Just too many things all on one day.

    Hoping AF will show up soon as I have the feeling that she's on her way!
  • Aw Hun. On iPhone but just wanted to say sorry for your bfn
  • Oh no, munchie. I havn't had anyone close announce a bfp for a while. When my ex-housemate told me she was pregnant by her ex after a one-night stand and she had taken the morning after pill, was 23 and had never even mentioned kids, I had a big sobbing, distraught cry, so I don't blame you at all.

    I'm dreading one of my sisters announcing a 4th or 5th, which, I'm afraid would upset me, when I am so desperate just for one!

    Glad I'm not the only bulk-buyer! I havn't received my next batch yet and have run out of ov tests!! Oh no!!!
  • Its so hard isn't it when everyone around you is getting pregnant. In my office the lady who got married a week before me goes off on her maternity leave on monday - know I am going to find that so hard to deal with.

    Well I am CD 38 today - hoping that I might be 8DPO but the possibility of having a cycle under 50 days seems too good to be true!! Cant work out if my boobs hurt - or if its just becasue I keep poking them!!!
  • Hahaha! I'm always doing that- squeezing my nipples and thinking- Oooo, that hurt! Well, derrrr, that should hurt!! What normal people get happy when they have painful boobs??!!
  • Sooooo relate to the boob thing. Am constantly trying to work out if they feel a bit different. Also am known for the whole poking thing!!! Aren't we a little tragic image

    Feeling a lot better today after the 'shock' of yesterday.

    Am off to the gym tonight - just joined. Place called gymophobics - ladies only and focuses on toning. Hoping it is going to help me shake those extra inches. If only the weight thing wasn't so hard!
  • Sooooo....sods law....I'm getting increasingly darker lines on my ov tests (the next batch of 30 arrived today!!), but dh is poorly!!! So do I wait until he's on top form, as I'm not ov-ing yet, or force myself on my snuffly, bunged up hubby???!!

    Munchie-my weight just isn't shifting and I think I've got loads more to lose than you. I counted my calories one week and I consumed between 1200-1500 cals a day. I walk the dogs 3x week, do hour and a half cardio (rugby training) a week and play every other week and have an active job-don't know what else I can do, except starve myself!!
  • That's frustrating for you Windy. Are you undereating perhaps? When I used to go to slimming world they would talk about being careful that you don't undereat because that doesn't work either. Just a thought - not an excuse for a huge pizza or anythingimage That or you've hit an extremely irritating plateau. I am trying to eat low GI as that is meant to be good for PCOS peeps.

    Friend of mine had a baby boy last night - can't wait to meet him. Funny how some news trips you up and others you just can't be more happy for. image
  • Morning girls

    Having a bad day today - hubbie had a snide dig about my weight and I lost it with him!! Feel really really upset to be honest. He puts so much pressure on me to lose it - but it just makes me end up getting upset and resenting him.

    Im only a size 10/12 - but have put a stone on since I came off the pill.

    Sorry to hear that you have got stuck Windy - its just so frustrating isnt it.

    Munchie - is low GI things like bran and poriidge?

    Hmmm regarding the darker OV lines - I would jump on him and go for it!! He can always lie back and think of England!!!
  • Oh my god, I would punch my dh if he made a comment about my weight(especially on some days!)-and I'm much bigger than you! 10/12 is lovely and slim (unless you are 4'6"!!).

    It is weird how some things seem to bother you, but other things dont. I think I just being judgmental, if I think someone is deserving of good luck/happiness, I can be happy for them (who do I think I am, judging people??!!!) But you can't hwlp how you feel, and this ttc milarky does make you a bit crazy!

    On the ov tests, had a faint crappy one today, so I think its downhill again image
  • I'm the same - I'm really happy for nice people especially if they gave been trying for ages. A lady at work just announced that she was pregnant- she had been trying for just under four years so I was so so pleased for her. But those who spend their whole pregnancies moaning drive me mad! Struggle to keep my mouth closed sometimes!! Sure I end up with a bizarre twisted grimace at times!!!
  • Hey ladies - bit of an emotional mess this week. Went to visit friend's baby. Couldn't even hold him but I think I hid that from them wellish. My own parents showed up whilst we were there and seeing my Mum's reaction to the baby broke my heart. My mum really is Mary Poppins!!! She has such a way with little peeps and to think we're struggling. Was a bit much. Gorgeous baby - had a lot of fun with them but will go and visit again soon. Know what I'm like - now I've worked it out a bit I'll be ok with the second visit.

    Keep getting really moody with DH as well. He is doing absolutely nothing wrong - it is simply me being weird atm. Trying to not think that means AF is on her way although am hoping. Some sort of rhythm to her visits would be much appreciated!

    Sorry to be a bit image at the mo. It will pass.

    Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.
  • Hey hun. Watching a film with hubby and he won't appreciate me being on b e, but just wanted to say that you are not alone feeling the way you do ( even the being moody with hubby part!) and thinking of you. Keep your chin up Hun x
  • We all seem to get these ups and downs. I think the hormones and the added stress don't help. Prepares us well for pregnancy, eh?!

    I even have days when I think I don't even want a baby! Am I just going through the motions??? Its a tough time, we should try and give ourselves a break!

    Hope you guys are feeling a bit better this week?

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