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Clomid and wats next advice please girls xx

Hello Girls,bit of advice please.

I am on Clomid as i have PCOS and myself and OH have been trying for 3yrs now.

I have taken 2 cycles of 100mg days 2-6 and 1st month was fine,no side effects.The 2nd cycle as vile-bad cramps,sicky etc.

I am in to see consultant next fri where i should have taken 3 cycles but my body being annoying,i'd have only taken 2 cycles so i was just wondering what to expect when i see him.?? have any of you already got to this stage?

Wishing you all the luck in the world xxxx image


  • Heya hun sorry I cannot help as Im only on my first cycle of clomid now. There are ladies on here that have been on clomid a bit long hopefully they'l be able to help.

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