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Sayng hello :)

Hi ladies, ive popped over here a couple of times over the last year to ask your advice and have appreciated your help. Hubby and I have just had our test results back, and sadly he has a low count. Should be 20mill per ml, his is only 12. At least we now know why its been taking so long. I would appreciate any advice or experiences of this this problem that you may be able to give me. Ive been in the TTC after mc for a long time now, and dont really know where I belong now, so im kind of introducing myself to you all.

Wishing you all good luck in your journeys.

Love Tracy xx


  • Hi Tashelby,

    Sorry to hear about your disapointing results. And welcome! Though I hope its a short stay!

    I wouldn't be too upset by low sperm count, as long as everything else is normal, as thats still quite a few and, as they say, it only takes one! (I'm sure you've heard that a lot!). I don't have any personal experience of these issues, all "our" problems are mine, but there have been plenty of ladies through here who struggled, but then had surprise, natural pregnancies. Some of them managed to improve their DH's sperm count and others were just lucky!

    I think there have been a few who were referred for ICSI and IVF too, so there's alwasy that option.

    I expect there will be a few others who can give you first hand advice.

    Windy x
  • Thanks for the reply Windy. At the ripe old age of 41 I think im maybe a bit too late for all the other options. I just have to hope that I have a lucky month at some point.

    Hope you are well xx
  • hi sorry to hear about your story, but a very warm welcome. i hope your stay here wont be too long!! (in a nice way of course)

    dont get to distressed hun, hubbys count is not hte lowest ive heard of. in my personal situation my hubby only has 2 million !!!! so severely low, you have 6 times as muxh as we do. but there is always something that can be done xxxxxxx

    hope this helps xxx

    love stacey
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