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Ovarian cysts???

Last Monday I had really bad cramps to my left as it disapeared Tuesday afternoon I ignored it and put it down to over doing it on the wii fit. Then on Friday I felr so tiried I had to have a nap when i woke up the pain was back but it was so bad that i couldnt even stand up straight so Oh took me to see the doc. The doctor asked my sympoms (they were feeling tiried, the pain on the left side, dizziness, nausea, diahria)

He thinks it could be a burst ovarian cyst :? Im CD27 today cycles are 30-32 days (ATM) If it is a burst cyst could I still possibly be pregnant or is there deffinatly no chance of being pregnant because of it? I am VERY tempted to POAS tomorrow :roll:

Im so confused as I've never had this kind of feeling before.

Also still have the cramps but no so much on my left side any more, Boobs are killing me and very almost was sick this morning and my lower back is killing me :cry:

Any help will be very much appreciated image



  • So sorry ur in so much pain lovely, Iv got the same sypmtons but too a lot lesser scale.

    I'm afraid I have no experience of this. Hopefully someone else might know something. I do hope u feel better soon, but to answer if u could still b pg I think u can still b.... But I'm not sure. Sorry I'm not much help!!!

    X x x
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