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To go for promotion or not to go for promotion?!

Hey ladies - a job has come up today in a school that I am really interested in. It is a step up into senior management. I am currently being 'used' as a senior manager as it suits but not paid nor are colleagues being told so am in a very awkward position. Is more frustrating that things aren't clear rather than the money side.

The big dilemma is - do I go for a change or stick? If I do stick and fall pregnant then 'better the devil I know' and all that. However, I don't want to put my life on hold.

It is a tricky one - just wondering if anyone else has gone through that and what they ended up doing? Just to help in my procrastination! image


  • Hi I'm in sort of the same situation. I'm currently working on becoming a manager... sometimes I thought I shouldn't be as you never know I may get a positive result (I now know that wont be possible without help) but now I'm thinking should I just scrap the career idea as I have no clue how much time off I will need for ivf and do I really want the extra stress. But on the other hand is it stupid to put life on hold when what I want (a baby) could be miles off?!
  • That probably hasn't helped you at all imageops:
  • Munchie, I was in a vaguely similar position this time last year. I was offered a fantastic job with a completely different organisation and spent a long time arguing with myself "what if I become pg within a month of joining them", "what about all this time off I'll need for treatment", "would it be better to stay put in a job I don't like simply because it's convenient". In the end I thought s*d it, I'm not putting my life on hold just because I'm struggling to conceive. So I accepted the job.

    Nearly a year on and yes I am STILL struggling to conceive which, frustrating and upsetting as it is, at least I am now happy in my new job.

    No, it hasn't been easy juggling hospital appointments and treatment (currently on my second round of iui) but somehow I have managed it. I am earning more money, in a good job and happier for it. I am so glad I did it.

    It's so easy to work yourself into a dilemma about these things but you have to do what feels right for you NOW, not what MIGHT BE in the future, if that makes sense. Whatever happens in the future you will find a way of dealing with it, somehow, even though you may not think so now.

    I am quite passionate about this as I know what it has done for me so sorry if I've gone on a bit! I hope it helps a little and good luck with your decision making.
  • Thank you ladies. Is really helpful to hear different views - especially of people in the same boat.

    I am going to visit the school this week as that will really help. At least it will give me an idea about the place and whether or not I want to apply in the first place.

    Oh to be one of those ladies who just sneezes and they find that they're pregnant!!!
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