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Clomid and opks

Hi everyone

I'm on CD13 today after taking 100mg of clomid days 5-9. I got my first strong positive opk CD11 and it's still as strong today. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated image



  • Hi, I had the same thing (50mg CD 1-5) have no idea what it was but I fell pregnant on the 2nd month. Now 24 weeks. Get lots of baby dancing and have fun. Baby dust xx
  • Wow that's great!! Congrats!!

    I hope it's a good sign, iv read it could be a sign that I'm trying to ovulate but it's not actually happening image
  • If you have pcos, there is a tendancy for your body to produce too much Leutenizing hormone? Thats what the tests detect. You need to oestrogen surge after the LH surge to ovulate. I think thats why OPK's can produce false positives in pcos sufferers. It doesn't mean it is a false positive, though, so, ditto to above comments!!
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