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clomid question

Hi Just finished my first round of clomid. The thing is I have irregular and sometimes very long periods. The one I just had started very light, hardly anything at all(an still like that now). when this happens it usually gets heavier after a week and carries on for at least 3-4 weeks. My consultant told me to take it anyway even tho there was hardly any bleeding. from what Iv been reading I should ovulate in 5-10 days but im worried I will still be on my period. What Id like to know is will the clomid stop my period so I can ovulate? hope all this makes sense, I know I could ring the consultant but i don't want to waste his time and I suppose I'll know soon enough in a few days! sorry for this waffly message.


  • Hi Poppy,

    I'm not going to be terribly useful, but I should imagine clomid should regulate your periods, as it controls ovulation, rather than af "letting" you ovulate. But thats only a guess??? I'm only on day 2 of clomid and my af is so far pretty normal, but it only usually lasts 4-5 days. Let us know what the outcome is!
  • Hi, my AF was the same as yours. The first month of clomid is always the hardest but it did give me a 28 day cycle, although it was light. I got my BFP after the 2nd month xx
  • Thanks Windy and Torch! You're comments were useful. congratulations Torch Its reassuring to hear positvie clomid stories. My period still the same hardly anything there so it won't put us off TTC! Just hope its worked and I'll ovulate in next few days. good luck to you windy lets hope we're both lucky this month! let me know x and Torch wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy xxxxx
  • Just an update on clomid af's!! Poss tmi, but my af was pretty normal on clomid. Lasted 1 day longer (6 days), but that could've been a coincidence. On day 7 and I've already done a ov test!!!! Calm down, Windy!!
  • thanks Windy. Fingers crossed all going well af has stopped so hopefully should ov anytime soon. it says 5-10 days after taking last tablet, is that what you've been told? good luck lets hope we're lucky this time! xxx
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