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HGS and ultrasound

Seen as AF turned up on monday, i was able to book in for my HSG and Pelvic US. Got my ultrasound scan next tues and the HSG next Thursday. I was wondering what they are like, what happens during them, or what should I know (that they dont always tell you), i.e. taking paracetamol before HSG etc.

Any help would be great

Thank you image


  • Hi Shaz,

    I had my u/s last year. You need an empty bladder and its a bit weird having the probe inside you, but its interesting seeing all your parts on the screen. It didn't hurt at all.

    My HSG was fine, a bi awkward and it was a sharp pain when the dye was injected, but I've had much worse af pains. I had a bit of cramping and bleeding afterwards, but, again, nothing that needed pain relief. I went straight back to work.

    Good luck

    Windy x
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