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Trying to concieve 1st baby

My partner and I have been trying for a baby for a year now, I have had my 21day blood test which came back fine and my partner has had his sperm count done, he gets the results on Thursday.

What will happen if his sperm count is fine and I ovulate every month?

Will they recommend anything to help us?

Any advice would be greatful :?


  • If everything is fine with his sa then a couple things could happen

    Depending on your ages you may just get told you are simply just unlucky and get sent away to try longer

    Your gp may order you more tests a day 2 to 5 bloods to check those hormones and a hsg

    You might get referred to a hospital/fertility clinic for the tests and maybe put on some kind of drugs to give you a helping hand.

    All gp's and primary care trusts are different and do things in different orders and have different criteria you need to meet before things can happen.

    Try to stay positive, until you know what the issue is, you really can't do anything but drive yourself crazy speculating and that wont do you any good I've been down that road! I'd also recommend not using google until you know your situation too as theres so many different things that conflict and it'll possibly make you even more anxious. Are you going to the gp with your partner?let us know how you get on
  • Thank you for your reply, my partner is still waiting for the call from the gp to hear what the results are.

    When I hear i will let you know what is happening.

  • He's soo patient I had hubby ring up as soon as it got to afternoon which is when results are available at our surgery,waiting all day would have driven me crazy
  • My partner had the call from the doctor and he has a high sperm count but he has some abnormal sperm as well. He is going to refer us to a ferility clinic for more advice.

    Not sure what this means to be honest as he has a normal sperm count :?
  • Hi

    It could be a case that the sperm have tails in the wrong place (so they can't swim forward properly) or maybe that they clump together. The good news is that he has sperm, my Hubby has none at all in his samples so we've definately got to have icsi treatment when they find the shy guys hiding wherever they are! (waiting for hubby to have a tese/ssr)

    Does your hubby take any vitamins? vitamin c,e and zinc help with sperm quality I also have my hubby take omega 3 just on the off chance that it's gonna help.

    Try not to worry yourself too much I'm sure if they're hopeful about finding my hubby's stash of swimmers they'll be able to help you too. Stay positive image
  • I have had himtake vitiamins before but they make him ill, he's a little odd :lol:

    Thank you for all your replies,just waiting for our letter to come through now for an appointment. not sire how long they take to come thorugh
  • I waited around 3 weeks for the letter to arrive and then about another 4 weeks for the actual appointment. All areas are different tho,some people receive the letters within a week. The waiting around is the hard part,especially waiting and not knowing when something will arrive.
  • MrsT1979 FC you'll get some help and a BFP soon hun. We're on month 10 of TTC and haven't had any luck yet. I'm going to try this month and next, if nothing happens by the time I come back from hols at the beginning of August I'll be booking an appointment with the doctor for blood tests. I'm really hoping it won't come to this but I've just got a gut feeling that we're going to need help - hope I'm wrong. Sending you lots of babydust x
  • Thank you everyone for your advice, still waiting for our letter of appointment.

    Babydust for you all xxx

    Will keep you informed of how things goes
  • Mrs T, I was told that if there is a high sperm count, with morphology (ie they are abnormally formed), there's a good chance its ok, as there was a greater number in the 1st place. So if hubby has 10 million sperm that are generally good, or has 20 million sperm, with 50% morphology problems, its the same number of healthy sperm! (NB I can't remember the normal ranges, they're just random amounts I came up with!)

    So keep up the pma and hope for the best. There are a few ladies on here with unexplaineed fertility who were put on clomid and were successful. That might be th next step for you?

    T x
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