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Lap & Dye

Hello to all the oldies and newbies here image I haven't been on for AGES as i had to take time out to de-stress.

Back on the saddle now though and TTC at full steam ahead. Still VERY frustrated at the whole thing but i have to continue! Im no further forward than i was when i last posted so i wont bore you all.

Next step for me is the dreaded Lap & Dye, i am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED, no words can explain.... however, i keep kicking myself and i reminding myself i HAVE to do it, it's the next step required by the fertility clinc, so i basically have no other option but to do it.

Naturally I have read up loads on it, and i am aware that it's not going to be nice or pleasant... i just hate being in pain and uncomfortable. Can someone give me an exact example of what happened for them... how long did it take? Did the cathetar hurt? Did you get any kind of pain releif from the hospital for during the procedure? How many doctors were present in the room while your 'everything' was on show? What kind of pain relief did you take before hand? I just want to know what i am letting myself in for. It's not until later on in the year so i am just gonna keep telling myself everyday it's got to be done!!!!

Thanks girls x


  • Hi there

    Don't worry hon it's natural to worry. My hospital doesn't give you pain relief I took some codeine or something before I went. I won't lie it did hurt a little but that's because I have a wobbly cervix and they had to use a clamp. There will be a nurse/doc doing the procedure and another in the room. They will give you a gown to wear and you just lie on the table like you would when having a smear.

    The best advice I can give is to stay relaxed. It feels a little crampy but nothing that bad really. The catheter didn't hurt that much to be honest. As long as you don't tense it doesn't hurt that much more uncomfortable really.

    Hope that helps.

    V x x
  • Thank You Ladybird image That's what i have been expecting - i am just terrified.

    Can i ask (TMI) Where exactly does the catheter go? Not in the 'usual' place they would be used for i presume? Lol, sorry for asking but im too embarressed to ask anyone else, haha.

  • Mmmm. It's through your cervix so it'll be the route the little soldiers go. He he

    Hope this helps. I would take the strongest pain killers about twenty mins before and you'll be fine hon.

    V x z
  • hey there,

    i had a lap n dye last september, i was nervous too but there were a few of us on here having it at similar times so we all had a bit of an insight before we had it done and gave each other support,....

    i went under when i had mine done. i arrived at hospital about 12 midday. not being allowed to eat before hand and had to do all paperwork etc, had bloods taken, preg test too done at this point. at about 2 ish i went down to theatre and had the injection in hand to put to sleep and thats all i remember of this point. i think it was about an hour n half i remember waking up in recovery and my legs were in these weird inflatable things and they were going up n down (think this is for circulation or summit) i was taken back to ward and given co codomel and slept for a few hours. i was made to eat and drink and walk to toilet before being discharged. your first few wees are blue from the dye. and you bleed too (i had just got af that morning so think i bled more than usual)

    i went home about 7 ish i think and just went straight to bed. def take the week off work after cos you have 2 small cuts. one in belly button n one underneath and to the side so you need time to recover from that.

    i wouldn't say i was in pain as such, more just uncomfortable. when they do the procedure they fill you with air and afterwards this can get trapped so drink lots of peppermint tea to help move it and my mum had me walking round my area loads to get the trapped wind moving....(its not the most dignified thing but you have to get it out cos its just really uncomfortable otherwise. i was back at work the week after.

    they found endometreosis in me and treated it. i suggest you use bio oil on scars too just to help them heal.

    know its nerve racking but it really wasn't too bad. i've forgotten it and realy had to rack my brain just now to write this for you. if you have any more questions just ask. but you'll be fine. i took co codomel for a few days after but just be careful how many you take cos they can make you constipated too.

    han xx
  • Hi Hannah

    Thank you image

    You obviously got the Laparoscopy while under, i am getting the procedure done awake as i do not fall within the BMI limit (unfortunately!!!) I have been struggling to lose weight and cant wait any longer :cry:
  • For a lap and dye im pretty sure they have to put you under as they make cuts in your tummy to put the laprascopy tools through. So i didn't think they could do this if you weren't under...i could be wrong. It could be a HSG you are havign done which they do not put you under and they inject your uterus with dye and see through an ultrascan if the dye goes through the way it should be.

    I am awaiting an appt for a lap and dye and ovarian drilling!! I too am nervous but i just keeping about a gorgeous baby at the end of all this and i will do and go through anything to have a baby...scared or not!!!

  • hey yeah i was under and i thought thats how it had to be done but i could be wrong.!

    you'll be fine though hun. just keep strong! and as faye says we have to keep remembering why we're doing all these crazy things. for a gorgeous bundle of joy at the end xxxx
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