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Off to docs - advice please!!

Hi girls. As title says I am off to the docs tomorrow and am really hoping to get referred to the fertility clinic but they are super strict around here so wondered if anyone has any advice about what I should say or ask for?

A bit of history - I am 25 and hubby is 40 and we have been trying for ten months now. I know that its not very long in the grand scheme of things but in that time I have only had 2 periods. In fact in my whole life I have only had about 8 or 9 periods when not on the pill. I had blood tests a year ago which came back inconclusive for pcos but my scan showed loads of cysts on my ovaries. Oh and I have put on almost two stone in 10 months!!

So any suggestions? Last time I went she was really dismissive and said loads of people get pregnant without periods- not helpful!!

Thanks so much


  • hello, sorry to hear about your problems. I have always been irregualr - about 70 day cycles! I had a miscarriage last June started TTC again in September. I went to docs 3 weeks ago and he said I have mild PCOS and prescribed Clomid to make me ov and have a more regular cycle. I told a white lie and said Id been trying the full 12 months since my miscarriage, so if you can say its been a year and not 10 months. Im a lot older though (37) so don't know if that was a factor, I just know that they don't do anything until you been trying a year. But with you only having 2 periods in 10 months they should offer something. If I were you Id be be a bit pushy. Good luck, let me know how you get on xxxx
  • I meant to say as well how dare the doc be so dismissive, I don't think thats the ususal reaction you have just been unlucky with her. Good luck again x Actually ask the doc about clomid.
  • hello me again. hoe did you get on at the docs?
  • I think some times hunny you need to be firm with the gp's as they should defo do some investigating as you don't really have periods.

    Atleast 21 day bloods or something to check for ov. Thats what my gp ( who has been amazing ) started with then refered me to FC after tests showed no ov. Then FC put me on clomid, had 2 cycles and still no ov so they have booked me in for a lap and dye, and ov drilling.

    But after talking to alot of people the process is very different depending on the gp or fc.

    I would suggest you be firm hun and tell them not ask them to refer you.

  • Hi girls. Thanks for the advice! Good news!! They are going to refer me!! Hubs just has to have a sperm test first and then they will put us through to the fertility clinic. Such a relief- finally feels like progress. Hubs is actually being supportive for a change which is lovely.

    Gosh all that treatment sounds scary! Can you ovulate if you are not having periods? Sorry if that's a dumb question!
  • I think you can but just not often...but i am not sure to be honest hun

    Good news on the referal front

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