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3 years this month weve been ttc no2...wondering if thats the reason im feeling so down at the moment,jusy feel like sitting here crying image


  • Aw hunny i know its so hard isn't it but try and think positive...keep you chin up. It will happen

  • Grudie, I'm can only imagine how hard that is as we've only been going two years ttc#2 and I find it really hard to get any pleasure from life some days.

    Sending you hugs.
  • My poor love it's heartbreaking to see you in so much pain.

    Have you been to the doctors like I told you to? I am now trying to deal with the fact I have tow blocked tubes....don't ask me how the hell I can have after two children and a mc but I have and I have to wait till the end of July to get any more advice on it. least I know why and what I'm dealing- or not dealing with.......

    My heart goes out to you and all I can say big hugs for you xxxxx
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