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BFP...hope for everyone!!

Hi ladies

This is a long post so bare with me...

I very rarely come on here anymore but thought I would pop back on to give you all a bit of hope and to share my story.

I started TCC in October 2008. I have PCOS, my periods were never regular (being anything between 32 & 90 days) and to top it off DH has mumps as a teenager and his sperm count was just 4M!!!!

I tried taking Metformin, Clomid, I had every test and scan under the sun and still nothing...

Then, back in Feb 2011 we invested in DuoFertility - it is a lot of money (??495) but comes with a year's gaurantee - at this stage we were so desperate we decided that we would try anything!! So, it took a month or 2 to see patterns etc, but even during longer cycles I was able to pinpoint my ovulation. I found that using this it really helped me to relax as I would always know where I was in my cycle and saved a fortune on testing bacause there was never the doubt "what if this month was a 28 day cycle" (haha - never was)!!

Anyway, then in April 2011 I had ovarian drilling done. A fairly simple, painless operation which required day surgery, but it's definitely not as bad as some make out!!

After the op, combined with using DuoFertility, I found that my cycles calmed down, my temps were more steady, but when the next BFN came along I finally resigned myself to having go down the IVF route.

I had an appointment on the 5th August 2011 to see an IVF specialist and I decided to just leave it at that.

However....would you believe it?!?!

From my Duofertility chart, I could see that I had OV'd on CD 14 during this cycle, so at 12DPO I decided that I would use up my very last HPT and to my great surprise....


I couldn't believe my eyes so bought another couple of tests and watch my BFP line grow stronger as I tested again on 13DPO & 14DPO.

It's still early days, I took a digital this morning which told me I was 1-2 weeks from conception and according to my dates I'm 4w2d.

So there you have it....

Never give up! I never thought I would end up conceiving naturally. We had all the odds against us and yet we did it

I had to share my story with you all as I have been on the ups and downs of this TTC emotional rollercoatser for 36 months!!!

I wish you all lots of luck and hope you get your BFP really soon xxx


  • Hi Hun. That's wonderful news and huge congratulations!! Like you say - gives me so much hope as your story is scarily similar to mine!! I've only been trying for ten months but have just been referred to the fertility clinic. I also have pcos and stupid cycles- currently on cd 90 odd. Also my husband had mumps as a kid- we are waiting for his sperm results as we speak but as the mumps were in his testicles it is unlikely to be good news. So thank you for posting- I'm really down about it at the moment and you have given me hope!
  • Aw what a lovely end to a stressful story Im so pleased for you both. Thank you for shgaring it with us as it does offer hope! I have 60-75 day cycles so just started clomid. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xxxxx
  • I logged on here today in the look for a positive story in the long term area and there is yours! Many congratulations. So exciting. Here is to a wonderfully well behaved bean!
  • What a wonderful story, and thanks for sharing it with us. I was sure that I do ovulate, its just frustrating that we must always miss it. I think so much of it is luck!!!

    Congratulations and a H&H 9 months for you xxx
  • Congratulations to you and hubby. You must be over the moon to say the least :lol: Thank you for sharing your story xxxx
  • Thanks for sharing and huge congratulations to you and your oh!

    I have kind of lost my hope, my user name had hope in it and I have taken it off :roll:

    But it was nice to read your story. Hope has been restored!

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