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Tough week of waiting for appointment



  • xxMichaelaxx1986 good to hear that they are willing to test ur htb again. Have u had ur bloods done?

    FC we'll get our BFP's soon x
  • Just started the ball moving so haven't had my bloods taken just yet. xx
  • Hello, I've briefly read

    all the replies to your original post. I just want to say I had a mc last year after conceiveing with v v irregualr periods and been trying a year since then. I was prescribed clomid quite readily as the consultant said that I have mild PCOS going off my long cycles so if I were I would get in touch and push for clomid. Its worked for me on the first cycle, as I had a 29 day cycle which Ive never had in my life. Im on second cycle now and although Im still stressin myself out I feel tons better knowing that something is working. i suppose what Im trying to say is you will get there in the end there is a lot of help out there and in the meanwhile you may just conceive naturally so never give up hope. good luck xxxx keep us informed

    Windy, good luck with your 2ww i'm in same position and its bloody frustrating Ive never known time go so slow have you? Also Im ananlysing everything I feel from tireness to feeliing bloated ha x Good luck fingers crossed for you xx
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