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come on ladies! our turn for some bfps! let the pma begin!

Right that's it imdone with my negative thoughts and its not gonna work etc etc. .

So. . Here goes. . I no we have all had enough and we are not the ttc forum but lets try to think of something positive we can do be it in our lives home or ttc ideas?. .

Mine is starting from next week am trying to loose a stone! Since my ivf i turned to food for comfort. Also me and oh are on cd 20 and i have 25 day period. We been at it quite bit since failed cycle so hoping for miracle and we conceived a la natural lol ha ha i no but miracles and all that :roll: . . X x x x


  • i'm with you with the PMA booey!

    i'm sick of constantly feeling down and so this month i've convinced myself that i'm gonna get pregnant. my reflexologist and my nurse have both told me i need to be more positive so thats what i'm doing. gonna bd loads. on cd 13 today n i'm gonna keep bd for next 12 days. surely one little fella will fertilise my egg?? and to be fair, this positive thinking just makes me feel a lot happier in general

    PMA all round xxxxx
  • yeah that's it Hannah! We could all use some

    and like you say makes you feel happier etc.

    How long have you been ttc?

    I got mild cramps today so guess witch bag may come earlier. Or well. Good luck hun x x
  • Hello ladies, I like the positive attitudes! Its rubbed on me and Im going to stop being negative and just get on with it ha ha Good luck lets hope we all get our BFP's this time round xxxxxxx
  • I'm counting down the days til we start BDing at day 10 (Tues!) No matter what happens, we are every other day-ing it for a week and I'm determined one of his soldiers is making it through this cycle!!
  • hey we've been ttc 2 years n 9 months. no bfp yet but i'm getting it this month so its fine image

    we didn't bd last night (first since day 11 n now on 15) and i feel bad but to be fair my husband was flat out n i thought it would be wrong to take advantage while he was in that state. waiting for him to get in then i can make up for last night hehehe!

    its going to work this month. i can feel it in the air image

    get away with thinking that shes coming booey....that is a preg cramp........


    han xxxx
  • Ha ha yeah is pregnancy cramp! Love it Hannah pma pma!

    No sign of her yet. . Had tiny cramps since Friday woo

    its cd 23 today me thinks. Longest is 26 for me however ivf probably sent them weird. But did have normal on time last af though.

    Have not got Monday mornin blue. Oh quick question clear blue digitally can they pick up early pregnancy? X x
  • Hey Booey, I think CB dig CAN pick up early, but first response are better. Everyone is different and produces different amount of HSG, so its not black and white. I use the cheap, multibuy ones from amazon and save the expensive ones for when I get a BFP. (Note I used "when"!!!)

    Mind you, my PMA has taken a bit of a bashing this am, as I decided to google phimosis and infertility. DH has mild phimosis (bit too much info, sorry!) and I noticed that he doesn't ejaculate very errrrm, far??!! If you know what I mean! Some information said that this could contribute to infertility, some said it wouldn't. But as we have conceived once, they must be getting there?? Anyone have any information?

    DH wouldn't let me mentionit to the FC, even though I think we should have. He was too embarassed. Its always just been about me and my problems!
  • Oh overheard of that before windy miller!? I google it. .

    Well strange enough its cd 25 today. Not hint of af yet! Im normally 26 days. . Had little cramps since last Friday! And still nothing. Knowing my luck she come tomorrow ha ha. .

    Good luck ladies x x we could do with a bfp or two hey Im here x x
  • Well ladies its now cd 27 for me! Longest ever no sign yet and now no period pains.

    Mine could be the ivf med that delayed it but if not you never no! X x

    how you all doing-? X x
  • test booey test. i'm actually feeling a bit giddy and excited for you!!!

    i'm fine, on day 20 and been getting a few twinges so fingers crossed its worked.

    COME ON Booey xxxx :lol:
  • He he i no i did one two days ago and was negative.

    This would be more than a miracle ha ha.

    I got some comin in post so hopefully get tomorrow. Can't help but think is the med still in my system. Who knows hope so though.

    Gosh who would of thought ttc was so hard lol x x
  • got my fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Well day 28 today? Still no sign. . Never made 28 days.

    Either am pregnant or them ivf drugs are still looming around my body boo. . Hoping my tests arrive today. Am not hopeful as i hate terrible luck lol x x
  • Well Im 11dpo and tested and its negative. Boo. Still no period. X
  • still early days booey. stay positive lovely xx
  • Thanks Hannah

    still no show day 29 lol. Did first response negative. . So don't no now x x
  • what??/ how annoying! keep with the PMA lovely. not offer til the witch shows her ugly face x
  • Hey

    rang my clinic and they said to test im week if still no sign lol. .

    Just my luck first time ever late af and probably due to drugs ha ha ha x x
  • bloody ell what you like. hahah. ah well fingers are still crossed for you hunny xxx
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