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1st doctor's appointment - what to expect?

Hi Ladies,

We've been TTC for 11 months now and our 1st appointment is booked in with the doctor for this Thursday.

I'm looking forward to going to see if everything is okay with us both but I'm also feeling a little nervous. Just wondered if any of you could tell me what to expect? What do they ask? Will I have the blood test done there and then or will it have to be arranged? How long does it take for the test results to come back? If we are both fine what will be the next step?

I keep wondering if we should keep TTC a little longer before we go to the doc's but every month its getting harder and harder.

Thanks ladies x


  • Hi loopy (great name!!)

    From reading all the stories on here, it seems every Dr is different. Mine didn't do very much and just took a bit of history, made sure there weren't any glaring problems (you are actually having sex? etc etc!) and told my hubby to make an appt to have his semen analysis. He then referred us to the Fert clinic and left all the investigations to them.

    Other people have had basic bloods done before referral, usually day 4-5 and day 21, so this will affect whether you have bloods done there and then or not. Also, some GP clinics do take bloods, others don't seem to. I get sent to my local hospital to have bloods.

    Good luck and try to focus on the positives!

  • Hi WindyMilleruk1 thanks for the reply. I'm assuming that we will have the 1st set of bloods done at our doctor's as I was initially told that they won't refer you to a fertility clinic until at least 2years of TTC. It will be nice to get the ball rolling and be doing something +ve.

    I think I'll have to start thinking up some excuses in work for all the doctor's appointments I'll be booking.

    Good luck with TTC x
  • Hello again Loopy,

    I think the first time I went (which was only at about 6 mth ttc) he took a history and then I had to keep booking in for blood tests each month. I think that went on for 4mth or so and then as each had the same result & indicated that I'm not ovulating. Next he saw Hubby and referred him for SA. That all came back ok so (after a little bit of pushing from us!) he referred us to the fertility clinic. I think the fact that I'm 33 this year helped lots. Now we're just waiting for the appointment to arrive!

    Wishing you lots and lots of luck! xx
  • MrsH3 thanks for the info, I'm looking forward to speaking to someone now and being taken seriously for a change, when my DH has mentioned it to the doctor's before he usually has the 'it can take up to 2years speech'.

    I work in a v.small office and I'm trying hard to think of excuses for the doctor's apoointments I will be having. My boss won't ask but I work with another lady who will ask me straight out what it's for and if I say it will go straight back to my boss!

    Hope everything goes well with your appointment at the fertility clinic. I'm really hoping I have a blood test there and then, I know DH's SA will have to be done at another time. FC everything goes well for us both xx
  • Fingers crossed everything goes well for you hun. xx
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