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Always had irregular periods, what are my chances?

Hi there,

I've just joined after having my implant out. I'm so excited to be trying for a baby and I've already introduced myself over on Trying For A Baby forum...

...However, I'm already niggled because I have NEVER had regular periods and always had massive problems with them. Even when on no contraceptive like the pill, I only have 1 or 2 periods a year.

I don't see how it is possible that I can conceive naturally with this against me! I'm already having doubts and this is day 2!

Is there anyone here in a similar situation to me? I'd really appreciate your thoughts/story.



  • Hi, Im not exactly the same as you as Im irregular but have 5 or 6 periods( around 60-70 day cycles) they were also long as well as irregular lasting for up to 7 weeks which made TTC difficult as you can imagine. However I fell pregnant fairly easy although it ended in miscarraige last year. Since then Ive been TTC for just over a year and been prescribed clomid. Last month I had my first 29 cycle and on the 2nd cycle. what Im trying to say is irregular periods don't stop you getting pregnant naturally, but if you're not ovulating often you may need something to help. clomid makes you ovualte. why don't you have a chat with your doctor.

    Good luck let me know how you go on xxxx
  • Hey Littleanan,

    I think its hard to say too much about your chances, but I can say I've heard of plenty of people on this forum who have irreguar periods and concieved naturally and quickly. But a good many who had problems too (me included- I always had a "feeling" that things wouldn't be easy).

    Don't lose heart (apparently pma can help!), but I wouldn't hesitate to get help if you're not pregnant in 8 months.

    Using body temperatures and ovulation predictor kits (I buy mine from a fertility website) can help pinpoint your ovuation if you have irregular cycles.

    Good luck!
  • Hey littleanan.

    I'm someone who has no periods at all. Unfortunately I can't say I got pregnant easily! I'm a 18month ttc at the mo. There are plenty of girls on here though that seem to have got pregnant quickly despite irregular cycles. Don't lose heart. It might be easy, but if it turns out not to be, there's plenty of us here to go through the trials of ttc with!

  • Stupid site logged me in on my old login.

    Thanks so much for the replies!! image

    If you don't mind me asking, are any of you who have had problems on the "larger" side? I've looked into clomid but understand you are unlikely to get it if you have a high bmi?

    Sorry, I realise I just started my journey but I have wanted a baby for 2 years! Just haven't got around to it...
  • hello, Im about 2 stone overweight so bmi must be bit high but to honest my consultant didn't mention it. He was quite laid back though so maybe I was lucky x good luck
  • A friend of mine, who was quite severally overweight, was told off by her specialist about it. They thought she has Endo but now it looks like she has POCO. And my sister in law has really irregular periods (every 7 months like you!) and she is overweight and has POCO severally. I would like to point out that she does have a beautiful baby now, which was conceived naturally, albeit after a long time.

    POCO and overweight normally go hand in hand as well. image

    Hate to be a downer but have you thought of that?

    Has the specialist said what he/she thinks is wrong at this stage? xx
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