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Really feel alone :(

Hello everyone,

me and my OH have been trying for some time now. im 21 and he is 27. We both really want to have our own little family but im struggling to cope. I have got PCOS and havent had a period for well over a year now. I went to the doctor and he started me on metformin and got me a opointment at the FC im going to that next month. I dont know about anybody else but i really do feel like is never going to happen to me and my OH.

I think that like can be so unfair sometimes that people have children and dont even want or care for them but its always people that really want them who really struggle

i really do apologise for how depressing this thread is but i just need to talk to some people who know how i feel and can give me advice.

everyone in my family is SUPER fertile and nobody has ever had troubles with TTC its horrible jealousy but i honestly admit im so jealous.

my cousin has only been trying for a few months and is pregnant now. i am soooooo happy for her she really will be a fantastic mother but.....I hate admitting this but im so jealous. i have never been jealous about anything and this is really horrible.

please feel free to give me some advice i just need something to pick me up again.

lots of babydust love from Chloe xx



  • So sorry you are feeling this way. You're right it's not fair when people have babies and either weren't trying or don't want them. Every lady in here will relate to how you're feeling so you're in the right place!

    We've been trying for 2 1/2 years now and are on waiting lists for IUI and IVF - we've been diagnosed as 'unexplained' which is possibly as frustrating as knowing about an issue. We're having to jump through hoops to get our much-longed for baby, and it seems all very unfair to us.

    I hope you get some more (better!) advice, but do keep posting. Good luck x
  • Hi Chloe, just wanted to say I am sorry you are feeling down image but I think most of what you have described is what most of us can understand and have felt or feel sometimes.

    I haven't really got a good advice myself. I just have good days and not so good days, but I think the key is to try and concentrate on other things aswell and not to forget and live life and not to absorb yourself in ttc completely. Easier said then done I know.

    For you I think you have two positive aspects. One is that you have age on your side, and two that you are already doing something about it. Hopefully you'll get some answers from fertility clinic and go forward from there.

    I am sorry I am not able to give more advice, just did not want to r & r, but you are not alone.

    Take care

    Summer xx
  • Thankyou ladies... MRSDOC i really do feel for you. Its always people who really want babies struggle and there the people who really deserve them. ive got my fingers crossed for you.

    Hi summer thanks for your support sometimes u just feel so alone in this. image its so frustrating

  • Hey there

    i totally understand where your comin from.

    I really do hun. . Big hugs. . Only advice i can give is keep strong keep fighting and wishing x x x hoping one day it WILL BE YOUR TURN x x
  • thank booey i really hope so too....and same to you hun image sending babydust your way xxx
  • Hey hun, we are all in the same boat so feel free to moan here hun! Honestly sometimes I want to walk down the street and shake people and shout in their faces. :evil:

    My bro and his OH conceived and she has really bad POCO. They have been together for 4 years and had not used contraception as her periods were so few and far between. So they weren't really planning it but after 3 years she had my nephew. She had always been told she would NEVER conceive naturally and would have to IVF as a minimum.

    So have faith in your heart that it does happen. And with IVF as well, you'll defo get there! image

    It is easy to feel annoyed at these people, but don't waste your energy on these idiots. Focus your energy on you two, on making your life, while it is still the two of you, as fab as possible, making the most of eachother. Once you have a baby, and I guarantee you will, you won't have much time to do all the coupley stuff, so make the most of it while it lasts.

    Its easier to say then do (I do know - been trying over a year and really bad endo image ) but keep positive as the last thing you need is to stress yourself out anymore.

    When it does happen it will be amazing and just know you will appreciate it that much more cos of what you have been through. Just feel sorry for those others as they will never truely appreciate what an absolute gift they have been given, and when you step back and look at it, its really sad that they are so stupid.

    Lots of love and kisses xxxxx
  • hi rach,

    aww that message was really lovely. its so true like when i see people in town shouting and smaking there kids like there some toys. it really bugs me that people like us really have to struggle to be mums when its the only thing we want.

    ah thats lovely i bet that she is so happy. i can just picture the day i get a BFP it will be the best day of my life and my oh. I just feel bad that i maon on here and some people have been trying years.

    I really do hope that you get a BFP soon rach. big hugs and kisses back image xxx
  • Thanks hun.

    Don't feel bad for moaning - thats what everyone is here for! Let it all out here, then you will be less stressed when you have to deal with all the other stuff life throws at you.

  • I know hun im really trying to stay strong its nice to come on here and speak to people that know how im feeling image xxx
  • BTW you guys look really cute and happy together xx
  • arr thanku we are really happy together image xx
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