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Am I normal

Htb and me are ttc however htb had fertility problems so I DOUBT I can be pregnant.

Anyways I have mood swings/putting on weight/sore boobs I collapsed last week and the dr put it down to stress related issue!!

I was due AF Sunday she didn't arrive but I have severe water infections instead I P.O.A.S and it came back negative it was a cheapo from Wilko.

My best friend and htb have both said that I look different somehow positively blooming!!

I doubt I am pregnant but I am sick of the idea running round my head just incase I am not as obv I would love to be a mum someday.



  • Is it worth buying a better quality test? I've read about people who found that nothing showed with a HTP for quite a number of weeks. That said - it is easy to symptom spot only for it to be nothing - I think that includes what others say at times as well! I've been told things like that in the past and assumed I must be pregnant only to find I wasn't. Tricky one for you.
  • I am sick of waiting aroundd for AF to show her ugly face only she aint appearing. x
  • Its easy to say but try not think about it, but be positive. If you decide in your head something will happen then it will, it just may take longer than any of us like.

    So yeah, why the hell shouldn't you hope that it means you are pregnant? Just deal with the moment. If you are, great, if you're not then deal with it at the time.

    You have got this far, you are a strong woman, just keep telling yourself you will get there in the end, and it will happen when it is meant to.

    lots of love xxxxxx
  • It would be a dream come true, but I think I won't concieve naturally. xx
  • Ur defo not the only one hun, i do it all the time!

    I some times conveince myself i am pg....but deep down i know im not!

    I am not sure if i will conceive naturally.....not been told anything to say i can't and i have done before just sadly ended in mc.

    Everything your feeling is soooo normal!!

  • Just been to the dr I am deffo not pregnant. xx
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