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Upset, frustrated and hacked off

Just a whinge I'm afraid. After 2.5 years was supposed to start our first IUI this month. For our clinic you have to start AF Fri - Sun or else you have to take another drug for a month so you start on those days... Amazingly I started on sat so all set to go... or not as the case maybe.

They abandoned the cycle today cause of a cyst. Gutted, devastated didn't really cover it - you spend so long building up to something and your hopes are dashed.

THEN as I'd had 50mg of clomid they advised not to try this month cause of risk of multiples.

This is after me spending nine months on 100mg of clomid. I just don't get it - never had any scans with the clomid just left to get on with it as the consultant deemed it a safe drug.

So not only have my hopes been dashed, I'm faced with the probability of having to wait another two months...

Sorry for the rant... feel a bit better just getting it out x


  • I'd be upset, frustrated and hacked off too - Bleurgh indeed!!!!
  • I'd ignore that "don't try this month advice" what a load of rubbish! As if you're going to just stop trying for one month! I'd like to see any of these people in our situation and see what they think about that! xxx
  • Thanks girls. Had a call from the nurse today re something else and she was lovely and made me feel a bit better.

    Completely plan on ignoring the advice windy - though after nine months of the horrible stuff I don't hold out much hope!

    Hope things are going well with you both.
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