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The Pill

Hello ladies,

This was a hard topic to know where to post lol! But im sure there are loads of you out there that are coming off the pill or going back on the pill.

I have struggled to conceive for nearly 3 years so this month i had enough and went back on the pill on the 5th july the strange thing was i had a brown bleed and slight cramping all the way through untill my weeks break that started on the 27th of july. I rang my GP to ask why i was having the brown bleeding and cramping and she said it was just my body getting used to the pill.

The thing i wanted to know if anyone new is on your weeks break are you most deffo ment to have a period? I know its not a true period. And what do you do if you dont have a period in that 7 day break?

Be great if anyone could get back to me.

Good luck to everyone and your plans hoping you all get your BFP soon image

Lots of love



  • Hi when i went back on the pill about 3months ago after taking my first packet i didnt have my bleed until the day before i was due to take my pill again and it only lasted 3 days so dont worry and the brownish stuff is normal its your body getting used to the pill image

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