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Just got in from dropping off my DH's sperm sample at the hospital. Was really hard to not burst into tears - I wasn't expecting that. It just feels so horribly personal. I shouldn't have to be sharing that with anyone, if you know what I mean. I am sure the results will be good - he has plenty of ideas about what he'll do if they're not. I think this is the first time this journey has really had to impact on him :roll: I hope this isn't something we have to do too often.


  • You should know in about 5 days if you'll ever need to do that again.

    Men are pretty clueless when it comes to fertility and never want to even imagine that YES it could be down to them. So when they are faced with having to do something most freak out and think it's their masculinity in question!
  • i can sympathise with you hun, its a terrible thing to do! i was the same, i could feel everyones eyes watching me drop it off and i felt embarrassed they all knew image

    worth the knowing at the end of it tho xx
  • Hello again image. Yes you're so right- it's unpleasant and very personal. This whole business is far from a barrel of laughs! I didn't take in my DH's sample in because we only have an hour a week in which you can deliver them (ridiculous!). He took it while I was at work. He didn't really want to but the results came back fine. Either way I guess its worth it in the end. Fingers crossed for you that its all good xXx
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