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Soooo unfair......

So AF got me today & I'm laid up In bed with flu feeling very sorry for myself image

Just found out a young girl at work is pregnant whilst she was on the pill & has endometriosis, by someone who is not her boyfriend! She wasn't even trying it's so unfair... (not that I'm bitter or anything!)

I just sometimes feel like it's never gonna happen, been trying for 18 months now & every month gets harder & harder image

Sorry for sounding so negative, just feeling sorry for myself today. Roll on month 19 & cycle 2 of clomid!

Rant over!


  • ahhh mrs red, know how you feel lovey. we're on month 32 at min, every bugger is up the duff and wern't trying.

    we decided to have a month off this month and its been soo nice in my head not thinking about it. presume your the same, thinking of nothing else and day dream about the day when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms for the first time. but for the first time in a long time i've switched off, we haven't had sex at the 'right time' so i know i'm out but thats fine for me for this month only tho!! life is so so cruel and at times i hate it. and to top it off you have flu you poor thing. i think its definitely important that a bit of self pampering is required, a chic flick, lots of chocolate and if your like me, a full day of crying then after that you pick yourself up and try again. hope your feeling better soon lovey and just remember your not alone on this stupid rollercoaster of a journey xxxxx
  • ((((big hugs)))) hun we're on month 12 and I find every month really hard too. I always find the first couple of days after AF arrives the worse especially with all your hormones flying around. Try and take you mind of things and keep yourself busy for a few days until you feel a bit better. Easier said than done I know, I should take my own advice! I'm sure it will be your turn soon x
  • Thanks HannahBelle & Loopy, it's good to have support of people who understand what your going through.

    Feeling (slightly!) better today, yesterday's rant is over and looking forward to this month TTC!

    Wishing you both lots of baby dust xxx
  • Hi hun totally understand how you feel, I've had a few rants on here myself lol! wishing you luck and sending lots of babydust for this month x
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