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Please help me to understand my blood results!

Hi Ladies

I wonder if anyone can help me!!

A bit of background info...

I came off microgynon 30 in June 2010 I havent had a period since. I had blood tests done in Jan which the GP said were fine. I went back to GP this June who then referred me for a scan and to Fertility clinic. Scan was normal, no PCO.

Saw consultant at Fertility clinic on tues who wanted me to repeat bloods from Jan as they could have changed since then and then go back for results. Got a letter today saying my next appt isn't till december for my blood results. Anyway I asked the GP for my blood results and they are

LH - 0.6

FSH - 4.2

Does anyone know what these figures mean? I cant wait till december to find out and am thinking of going private.

Fingers crossed one of you knowledgable ladies can help me!!



  • Hiya,

    I asked a similar question on another thread and this is one of the responses I got:

    "It is tricky to find info on lh and fsh.

    prolactin should be under 500 m/ul

    fsh less than 9 u/l normal

    9-11 fair

    11-15 not that good

    15-20 poor

    20+ bad "

    Not sure if this helps at all, I'm sure someone else will be able to give you more detail x
  • Thanks for your help loopy.

    It was more the LH figure that I was looking for some info on but thank you for your help.

  • Depends on which day of your cycle it was taken on if its day 3 thats good a high LH can indicate PCOS or low ovarian reserve. Your FSH levels are good too, that kind of means how much effort does you body need to do to induce ovulation and thats quite low so your body is responding to your hormones well.

    Mooomin x
  • Hey, agree it all depends on when in your cycle they were taken to interpret "normal results", but at least they're not sky-high (my LH is always high, due to pcos). So it seems pretty definite that you don't have pcos.

    Have you tried taking evening primrose oil supplements?

  • Thank you for your replies ladies.

    As I havent had a period for 14month I am therefore not having 'a cycle' and so do not know what day these bloods were takin.

    Yep I have tried eveninig primrose oil, tried agnus castus because someone else recommended that aswell.

    Think I might just book a private appt to put me out of my misery and someone can tell me what it means, there is no way I am patient enough to wait until december to find out.

  • If you haven't had a period, if you haven't tried this already ask you GP for progesterone (basically a mini-pill) to induce a period. This might 'kick start' your cycles, but at the moment it is incredibly unlikely you'd get pregnant as the lining of your womb would be too old to be healthy to support a pregnancy.

    Mooomin x
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