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Hey Girlies

I havent been on here since 2009! wanted to say hello to everyone and was hoping for some advice really and to make some friends in the same position,i have been married 4 years and have been TTC for 3 years now, completely frustrated, everyone around me seems to be having babies, with 3 of my friends having babies last month, which i am over the moon for them but makes me sad. hoping it will be my time soon. xx


  • Hi elleneil.

    Welcome to the group! I tend to hang around here moaning and failing to offer any constructive advice, but always happy to chat... Totally know what you mean about friends and babies (see my moaning thread for details!). I did get to meet a lovely 4 day old yesterday thou. Actually feel less bad now that after seeing the photo as I got to see their lovely new family. So less resentful, but still jealous!

    Have you had any tests yet? Do you know why things are going slowly?

  • Welcome! and I hope your stay is a short one xx
  • Hi, I just echo the welcome, and ask if you have had any tests yet? xx
  • Hi I am pretty new here as I come and go between this forum and a wedding related forum as I am planning my wedding. Have you had any tests? Hope you enjoy your stay (and I mean this in a nice way) but hope it's a short lived stay for you hun. xx

    I have been TTC for 3 years with no such luck we are currently being tested for fertility problems as I am aware htb has problems I think the only logical way around it is IVF however I am hoping it doesn't and it won't come to this. xx
  • thank you, for your replies its lovely to hear from you. I have had the initial internal examination and blood tests, however the doctors messed up the results and didnt test my proesgeton level! so was told i needed to have another, hubby had semen test done which came back all good. then they told me to go away loose some weight and come back when i had, as the fertility clinic wouldn't even look at me as i was slightly overweight! So its all made me really disheartened. Took a big step by joining slimming world yesterday though image so thinking about changing doctors as they havent been very helpful. good luck to you all. Hopefully we'll all get our BFP'S very very soon! xxx
  • hello lovely, how are you xx

    welcome back! ive been ttc for 18months now and live you had a very poor experience with my GP as he too said i was too overweight to have a baby and that the fertility consultant would not look at me unless i lost weight!

    i joined slimming world two and a half months ago and have lost 16lbs so it can be done!!

    good luck with your ttc journey xx
  • Hello dummy_mummy, im good thanks, im feeling a bit more postive after reading some LTTC success stories on the net image how are you? thank you for your response, the doctor made me feel so inadiquate like i should not be worth helping just becuase of my weight.

    Congrats on your weight loss that is fabulous, i hope that i can do as well as that, its just the getting my head round the easy extra plan! i did the diet back in the days when it was just green or red days!

    Good luck on you ttc also!

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