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Hi ladies

i havnt been on for a long long time,thought id nip in and see how you all are...hoping nobody will rememeber me image

Lisa x


  • I remember you, Grudie! (sorry!)- I always loved your tag line!

    Tracy x
  • haha i love it too

    i rememeber you too hun...sorry your still ttc,weve had to put things on hold for now but still doesnt make it any easier xx
  • Hi Grudie...

    How strange...I decided to have a peek in tonight to see if there was anyone I'd recognise.

    We're still TTC, had a break because we moved in March but back trying again. Being referred to the Fertility Clinic.

    Not really sure what happened to my user name, could have sworn is was *curls* before image xx
  • lol that is a weird way maybe also nice to see someone firmilar (sp)

    when they re-done the site peoples user names changed if someone on another board (yayw and a few others) had it so you get the uk bit on the end....lucky for me only 1 grudie image xx

    hope your not waiting too long now hun x
  • Yeah, it is nice to see someone familiar...

    Boo, that there was someone else called curls, never mind, it doesnt really matter, I think most people I knew have gone now...which is nice. A couple I keep in touch via email & facebook.

    Hope you're not waiting too long either hon.

    Love curls
  • thanks hun,weve put ttc on hold for the forseeable,family wise it really isnt a great time,DH's mum has motor neurons disease and has really went down hill the past few weeks,we dont expect her to be here by xmas and my step mum has been given 12 months tops,she has bowel/ovarian cancer and they have said now there isnt anything they can do for her.....i just cant picture being pregnant and having to deal with 2 deaths,i want it to be a time to enjoy rather than being sad 99% of tha way through it

    i keep in contact with a few on FB also,not as much as we used to but most of them have their babies i dont want to moan constantly about us having not managed to concieve yet

    are you just going to take things as they come for now? x
  • Hey ladies... Im also still around (although not nearly as much)... TTC was really getting me down.. so decided to quit stressing for a bit image

    Ahh not so good about the family Grudie... image Its never easy is it.. Ahh just watch now that your not TTC... it'll happen! haimage

    Its also nice to have something nice to focus on.....

    I was at a herbalist at the weekend there, and apparently she reckons that regardless off what the docs have said to me (unexplained).. I defo have a hormone imbalance caused by PCO.. altho i may not have the cysts on my ovaries.. I certainly have a hormone imbalance and all the other symptoms off PCO! .... Mad eh??? Dont know what to think... image

  • Hi Grudie,

    I'm still here!! And not pregnant!! Sorry to hear about your family news, that sounds really hard to deal with, I can understand you wanting to give your all to them and not be pregnant at the same time.

    We are currently waiting for my next cycle when I will take clomid and then IUI - should be mid Sept....I can not wait!!

  • Hey grudie

    i remember you! And yes i am still waiting for a miracle lol x x
  • Think there are still a few of us lurking around eh... image

    Ahh we are on the IUI waiting list "jonzemonkey"... You will have to let me know how it all goes... image

  • Sorry to hear about the family Grudie...that does suck. & I know what you mean about not wanting to be pregnant & dealing with all the drama that will go along with that.

    Yeah just gonna see where things take us. Just waiting for AF to come then hopefully having 1-5 day blood test on Wednesday.

    Hi Mrs CupCake & Boooey, I think I remember you both from last time I was on here. Sorry to hear your both on here.

    Love Curls
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