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On a scale of craziness? Answer: pretty high!

So, today, in a moment of quiet at work, I thought I would research maternity pay. Wrong decision.

Not only is this a silly idea, as I've been ttc for almost 3 years and am about as fertile as a brick. But now I'm worrying about what I do if I DO have a baby!

I didn't realise you only get 80% salary maternity pay for such a short period of time (I can't remember now, but its something like 13 weeks). So I would have to go back to work when the baby is tiny. Thats never something I have considered an option. I want to breat feed for as long as possible and enjoy my baby (especially as it will have taken a bloody long time to make!!).

So, do I put all this on hold, or do I just go for it because a) the chances are slim anyway! and b) our finances might be slightly healthier by then? But I don't want to be worrying about money throughout my pregnancy.

BUT I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT YET!!!!! And I don't even have a good chance of getting pregnant anytime soon!!

But feel free to comment, even if its to tell me to get a grip!!


  • Windy, you're being crazy, but you don't really need me to tell you that! You know the second you get pregnant you'll find ways to manage- we've both moaned about people who seem to plan nothing and manage fine. The fact you're concerned shows you'll make enough effort to make it work.

    I do the same (I even have my works maternity pay details in the back of my diary, just in case, but shhhhhh- don't tell anyone! Fwiw, I have no idea how we'll cope should I ever get pregnant- I work crazy hours and it's really unpredictable, but Im counting on the fact the rest of the working world appear to cope...
  • Thats a good theory, Pumpkin! Although the rest of the world always seems to have more money than me!!!

    Its bizarre, really, as I'm usually the kind of person who doesn't stress about things until I know its something to stress about. But maybe its something to take my mind off the 2ww!!!

    My next mad thing, is that I have convinced myself I should do a pg test tomorrow- at 9dpo. Stupid stupid stupid!!
  • Not crazy. Wise, normal and you'd make it work. I was lounging by the pool yesterday (yes, on hols and checking in on here, says a lot!!!) and panicked, will be on clomid soon. What if November's round works. I don't want an August baby. It's the teacher in me. It is not logical. Am considering imposing a sex ban for that month!!! Falling in December would be far more preferable. Again, all very logical ladies!!!
  • We females defintely think too much, don't we?! But its a bloody good job, as my man doesn't EVER think, so I have to think for him!!
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