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Just To Say Hello

*Peeks round the door*

Hi girls,

I'd thought I'd pop back in to see if there was any names I recognise, but BE has changed since I was last here.

My username used to be *curls* and I have been TTC for 26 months now...was on here from about 6 months to 20 months before I went for a little break. Not sure whether coming back on here is a good idea, but I'm tentatively popping in!

We are being referred to a Fertility Clinic and I am getting a little scared already. We've only just started trying again after a little break due to a house move.

Hope everyone is full of PMA, because I could do with some.

Lots of Love



  • I'm still here! Welcome back, but don't feel pressured to stay- I flit in and out, as I don't always cope well with some parts of it. I know its a forum for pregnancy and birth, but if I see another grinning pic of some gorgeous pregnant celebrity on the front page, I might throw my laptop!!

    Anyhooooo!!! Good luck with your appt. Its really quite unstressful, I felt like we were making progress. It was quite positive!

  • Hi there image

    Thanks for the good luck...I do feel like I'm doing things for a reason now (in terms of the tests) as we've had them done before to no avail.

    Think I might stick around for a while image

    Love Curls
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