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I am interested in starting reflexology and just wondered if anyone has used a fertility reflexologist or just a regular one and had any success stories. thanks


  • Heya hun

    I thought i would let you know my little story!

    I had been ttc for almost 2 years and i have pcos and it seemed it would never happen. My periods have always been very irregular and after my mc in june last year they seemed to pretty much stop.I had 2 cycles of clomid they didn't do anything, had to take provera to give me a period as wasn't having them naturally.

    I had heard about reflexology about 2 months ago and thought why not!!! So i started having reflexology every 2 weeks. The first session i had on a wedsnesday and the tuesday after i had my first natural period in almost 10 months, then the following period was 37 days later so Friday last week i was awaiting AF as that was day 37 but i had been feeling a bit funny before that and thought i might be pg.....did a test saturday and a super strong bfp!!!

    I truly think reflexology had a lot to do with me getting pg. I had also made other changes in my life, like going part time, starting a reflexology course to learn how to do it, which took my mind off ttc. And i was far more relaxed.

    So id say go for it!!

  • Hiya, g/c this forum but saw this and thought I would reply. I already have a little boy but I wanted another so started trying reflexology to bring my periods forward before starting TTC. I had half an hour every 2 weeks just to focus on my reproductive bits. It brought my period forward by 2 weeks. When I was TTC I caught on straight away both times (unfortunatley mc both). Obviously I understand I shouldnt be in this forum, thats why g/c!! However it definitely worked for me and helped me relax about the whole process as I thought I was doing something useful. The lady that does mine is not a specialist she does allsorts but is very experienced. I would say go to one that has had experience of getting ladies pregnant. The lady I go to is fab and has had a 100% success rate. One of those ladies was long term TTC/fertility issues who had had 2 unsucessful IVF attempts but got pregnant after having reflexology. I would defo recommend it. Where do you live? xx
  • Thanks girls i'm in Cardiff and think im going to go for it if only to relax me xxxx
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