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There is hope... BFP after 2years TTC

Hello Ladies, Wanted to let you all know we have got there in the end. At long last got my BFP after two years of TTC (unexplained secondary infertility). Fingers crossed all goes smoothly and passing on some luck to you all x

PS. For those of you using CBFM, i can say it probably wasnt that much help to us in the end, as this month we conceived it gave me no highs or peaks yet a good result anyway!


  • wow huuuuge congrats to you hunny xx bet your so happy!

    weve been TTC for over two years too with unexplained reasons.

    Am starting clomid soon, so hoping that may help.

  • Congratulations hunny.

    It's an amazing feeling after that long isn't it

    X x
  • Congratulations! It is always so lovely to hear of a pregnancy in this room. Hope you have a really healthy nine months. image
  • Hiya Flirtyfilly (love the user name btw!)

    Congratulations!! I got my bfp after over 3 years recently its amazing after soooo long isn't it?!

    Shell x
  • Wow massive congratulaions! I've been TTC for over a year now so it's given me some hope (feeling particularly low today). Wishing you a H&H 9 months x
  • Congrats! I've been ttc #2 for two years now [also unexplained secondary] and on the verge of giving up the dream so it's good to know that it can still happen for us.
  • Congratulations! That is such fantastic news. Have a very happy and healthy 9 months image
  • Many congrats FF and lovely to hear some good news from someone who deserves it.

    We've been TTC#2 for nearly 3 years and also have unexplained secondary infertility. I still just can't believe that you can have nothing wrong, BD at the right time and just not get that BFP. I just don't get how it can take so long especially when it happened so quick for #1. So very frustrating.

    We're currently on month 6 using DuoFertility but I'm not holding my breath for a BFP with that either and am trying to decide whether to give up or try IVF.

    Congrats again! x
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