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Laparoscopy - bit scared!


need some help.

Has anyone ever had a laparoscopy?

I went to see a gynacologist at the hospital today, I have had blood tests and ultrasound - which were both clear although progesterone was down slightly, and my husband has been tested - all good.

The doctor was pushing for me to have a laparoscopy in the next few weeks, he did suggest clomid, but said that there's probably not much point in me having it before the laparoscopy.

I've been looking at the leaflet he gave me and I'm freaking out slightly, has anyone had it done before? Think I just need some reassurance. I know its a routine exploratory surgery, but all the same looks very invasive.

I'm thinking of asking to try clomid for a few months before I have to do anything quite so 'big'.

Any help would be much appreciated! xxx


  • I think there's quite a few people who have had it on here. I'm booked in on 12th Sept. I thought it seemed fairly straightforward. I think it just involves 2 or 3 holes. Its only if tings go wrong that they "go in". And that is extremely rare,they just have to tell you it might happen.

    Unless you mean laparotomy?

    I'm surprised that the want to do further investigations unless there is something they are looking for. Are they classing you as unexplained infertility?
  • Hi, I had laparoscopy with dye and ovarian drilling for pcos on tues. I was a bit nervous, but more excited to be honest!

    It's a day procedure generally, although I almost got kept in as I couldn't pee for hours. You go in fasted on the morning, have a brief chat with a nurse, anaesthetist and gynaecologist, and at some point will change into your paper pants, gown and support stockings. Then you sit and wait. Take a good book. When you go down you go into the anaesthetic room on a bed and have a needle put in the back of your hand. You get given propafol (White anaesthetic) and gradually go to sleep- it's nice, like you've had a glass of wine or 5! Then you wake up! I was really thirsty and a bit sore, so was given some morphine which, btw, is awesome! I then went back to the ward, slept alot and could have gone home within 4 hours, if I could have just peed! As it was, got out after 8 hrs.

    That's it. Sore yesterday, but totally manageable and feeling pretty normal today. Back at work Monday.

    Apologies for lack of paragraphs, on phone.

    Try not to worry!
  • Hi WindyMiller, yes have unexplained infertility so far. Its the 'holes' that I'm slightly freaking out about as I have a bit of a thing about belly buttons lol!

    Thank you Pumpkin, it's really helped to hear from someone whos had it done. I think I'm being a wuss personally, but the more I think about it, the more I think I want it done - even if it only helps to rule more stuff out.

  • I'm starting to querie the reason for my lap and dye now. I'm not sure what additional information the "dye" bit will give to the hsg I had? Obviously, they will be looking for adhesions and possibly performing ovarian drilling too, so thats worthwhile, I suppose?

    So many people seem to have a belly-button aversion! I can see why that puts you off keyhole surgery!
  • hey ladies

    i had lap n dye last september. its very much how pumpkin describes it. i loved getting put under. its such a nice feeling. my af had just started that morning so i had heavy bleeding after. i was in pain after but more because i'm a proper wuss! i recommend you get some peppermint tea, basically they fill you with air so they can see more clearly and it can get trapped in all parts of body so i was quite uncomfortable with that after. my mum keot making me walk round the block which i hated but it really helped! i took a week off after but my job is physical so needed to rest then went back part time for week after

    i'm left with 2 small scars. one in belly button and one lower down on left side. bio oil helps with the healing of the scars

    they found mild endometresois and treated it. i'm still waiting for my bfp a year on! on 7th round of 100mg of clonid and ,my consultant is talking of ivf next. big huge boo!! really want to do this on my own!

    you really don't need to worry. its not as bad as the leaflets make out. and good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you Hannahbelle, fingers crossed that you get your BFP before you have to start IVF.

    Hope that the lap and dye work for you Windymiller, I will have to just ignore the belly button bit ha ha!

    Now you lovely ladies have made me feel better about it, image

    Sending bucket loads of babydust, we all need it xxx
  • Im booked in for the 14th Sept and its on my mind all the time, Ive got a pre op on the 7th, did anyone else have this?
  • There going to see if they can cut scars from my tubes and then the dye if successful!
  • Hi ladies

    As I type this I'm at home recovering from the lap and dye I had on tues. If I knew then what I know now, I would not gave wasted all that time worrying. It really is not as bad as u think. U get put under then the next thing u know ur waking up in recovery and it's all over.

    The pros of having the procedure deffo outweigh the cons. I had my lap after my HSG showed a blocked right tube. My lap and dye showed vote tubes open. I need to wait for my follow up to get the full details as it was just the nurse who discharged me reading his notes.

    Good luck ladies. And don't worry. The lap and dye is nothing to worry about.
  • G/c from dio

    I had a lap and dye last sep and the op itself was fine (found and removed mod endo) i did need a week off work after and found the first couple of days after quite uncomfortable. Def drink peppermint tea and wear really baggy clothes as you will be really bloated for a few days.

    Good luck to you all x
  • Aww thanks for all the replies, have it tomorrow and am keeping fingers crossed that it will sort silly body out - or at least give me something I can work with! Hope you're all well

    Lots of Babydust to you all

  • Good luck for tomorrow BFPwishes x
  • It went well, a bit sore around the incisions and have got to go have the stitches out tommorow which I'm not looking forward to as apparently it will 'gape' a bit! Eww!
  • BFPwishes glad all was ok hun x
  • i am 28 years old and our marriage is 3 years old. last sept, my periods got delayed by a week. upon consulting a gynecologist, i came to know that i'm suffering from PCOS and have been taking treatment for the same.

    meanwhile the doctor performed both HSG and DnC whose results were normal. during this time IUI was also performed four times all of whom failed. now, the doctor has suggested to undergo IUI one more time or get laproscopy done.

    during last IUI(mar-14) the doctor had informed that PCOS is almost nil but even that IUI failed. we both are very depressed and not sure how to proceed further.

    need your help. thanks in advance.

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