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AMH levels

Ive just received a letter from the hospital telling me that my AMH levels are less than 4. Chances of conception are low. Does anyone have any experience of this? Is it pretty hopeless now? In need of a bit of support, thanks x


  • Hi Tashelby,

    I don't have any experience of this. But I would like to add my favourite gripe of medical professionals- statistics don't mean anything to the individual!!! They could end up being very accurate, but we all know someone who was given a statistical prognosis and defied it!

    So don't give up hope xx
  • Yeah, Unfort I can't shed any light on your levels either hon. Not sure if I've heard anyone talk about it either, but there maybe some wiser heads along later.

    As windy says, for each person there only is 2 outcomes, so percentages mean nothing on a personal level- I think you have to just ignore them- I'm not sure I've ever hear one that cheers me up!

    Seriously though, the info, if that's all you got in your letter, is appalling. Absolute levels mean little unless you work in that field, and you really need to know what the next step is, not that your chance of preg is lower (lets face it, if we were all of normal fertility we wouldn't be having all these tests). Do you have a clinc appt soon? If not do you know the name of your consultant? Give then a ring. Really. You deserve to know more.

  • My consultant explained to me that 15 is ideal, and any less than that, they can still work with. In his words, 0 is a disaster - mine is at 12, which he told me was less than the ideal but still workable. It may mean that you get treated a little quicker (but maybe that depends on your area), but I don't think all hope is lost. You are still producing eggs, so there is still a chance you can get pregnant. HTH xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. I went out and drowned my sorrows last night. Feeling a little better this morning. I feel that if they had looked at doing this test a year ago just afte the mc I would have stood a better chance of doing something about it. I am 41 so time is almost up. Anyway, dont have appt till oct 17th but hubby is going to call hospital on Monday (he has been the one dealing more with them) and try to get a bit more info. He is on first name terms with the girls in the Sperm Analysis dept now. Again thanks for the support, and wishing you BFPs very soon xxxx
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