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sex!!!!! no.2

just another sex orientated thread!

do u get really fustrated when ur other half isnt "up for it"? it really angers me and i feel like im in it all by my self sometimes!


  • Yes!! We decided to dust off the CBFM this month, and hubby has been using it to decide whether he wants "some" or not. Well, I have been temping too, which is just as well, as I think the CBFM missed my peak image. We managed to start with the highs on CD12 and again on CD13. I usually OV on CD 15, and we managed CD15 and CD16. He kinda gave up when I didn't get my peak on CD15 as expected, and I had to persuade him on CD16, as I wasn't sure at the time if I was going to OV late.

    To make things worse, I missed a couple of days temping, and now FF is saying I 'probably' ovulated between CD9 and CD16..... helpful!!!

    So I just feel like we missed it again (we frequently do as he gives up around then), but will keep temping so I'm not disappointed when AF shows up again..... *sigh*
  • I have to admit, we don't really have a problem with being too regimented, or making sex just about babies. But I do get a bit cross when DH occasionally wants to "carry on" too long, in case he gets past the purposeful bit- if you know what I mean?!? I want to shout "just put 'em in there!!".....but I don't!
  • I'm exactly the same I don't care how he puts em in there as long as they get in there!
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