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feel fairly low at the minute



  • Was gonna add a post today but it would have been titled the same as this one so thought I'd add on.

    Had to go to a close friend's baby shower today. I obviously didn't feel like it but would have felt guilty if I didn't go. There were 4 huge bumps there, 3 of which were 2nd babies all of which the first is 2 years old. The only thing that go me through being there today was having my gorgeous lovely daughter with me. Because not only did I have to endure the baby shower and bumps, I had to go knowing that AF is coming and then to top it off my cramps started while I was there. So not a good day! image

    I would be interested to know what my hubby's SA results would be presently. They were super-duper last year but the poor thing is not only depressed about our situation but he is having to deal with his Mum's serious illness at the moment too. In all honestly I'm surprised he is able to perform at the moment at all (he is very willing still) but perhaps his stress is affecting us at the moment. But then on the other hand, if his SA was fine last year after 2 years of TTC stress then I'm sure it's just down to our flipping 'unexplained' secondary infertility.

    Anyway, rant over for now, feel better for that, thanks for listening. x
  • Sorry for my slow reply... I lost 3 stone in the last 6 months of ttc so I think that kicked things into action!! I have polycystic ovaries too.. X good luck ladies x
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