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Hysterosalpinogram- Help!!

Has anyone had this procedure done? I have appointment for it next month and getting very nervous about it now. Its not so much the examination down below thats bothering me, more the fact that they put something though your closed cervix!!

Any advice and experiences would help!!



  • Sweetie, there is another thread with a very similar post on it. It might be worth having a look at that? (HSG for short?) xx
  • Hiya, I had it done last prob not the best person to wasnt very nice! With me they had trouble getting the catheter in, difficult cervix apparently!!

    All I would say is, take some painkillers just before u go in, and at least it is over fairly quickly!

    All worth it if it gives u answers or gets u bfp!!

    Try not to worry too much!! X
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