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ha ha amazing idea

well..... the hubby has been saying to me recently that sex is more like a task (not that he's complaining mid flow image). So i have come up with the best plan ever. me and hubby now have a deal that i have to earn sex lol! (kinda like selling myself inside a marriage lol) so i have to do him a favour and i recieve sex! sounds really bad but we have had so many laughs about it! we have even come up with a name for it....... PAUL ON DEMAND ha ha ha


  • Not sure I should be asking this....but what sort of favours?!?
  • ohhhhhhhhh not like that lol! ha ha! ummmm todays was that i went doen the shop to go get something he wanted and yesterday i filled in his time sheets for work ha ha ha lol
  • So, basically he's holding his penis to ransome?!?

    I tend to use our non-ovulation periods to make up for all the regimented bd-ing! Things he can't have when we're bd-ing!
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