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Hello ladies,

I haven't been on BE for months, and I haven't been in LTTC & infertilty before but I feel this may be my new home.

After seeing my GP a few weeks ago for recurrant thrush and having swabs, which also included routine STD checks (which, I stupidly never had done before) my results came back and I tested positive for chlamydia. :cry:

My DH and I have been together just over 4 years. If I have caught it from him, then I have had it for at least four years. If not at least five from my ex.

I have had no symptoms.

I was advised in the letter to seek treatment at my local GUM clinic, but as they had no appointments until after the bank holiday and I pressed the receptionist, a locum GP gave me a prescription for Doxycycline. He would not answer any questions about infertility.

I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday at the GUM clinic, DH does too, as he needs to be tested still. After many tears and research online I fear that I have a very high chance of being left infertile now because it has been left untreated for so long.

I came off the pill in Feb 2010 and we started TTC in July 2010. Since then apart from 5 months of deliberately avoiding OV time we have been having unprotected sex and not conceived.

I am sure I have developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. But again with little or no symptoms. Looking back over the time since I came off the pill I have had random mild cramps throughout the month. I thought it was just my body settling down after being on the pill for so long. Now I am not so sure that's all it was.

Will the doctor treat me automatically for PID when I discuss my symptoms on wednesday? And I really want to push for investigation to see how much damage there is but I am worried they will make me wait until a few year of actively TTC.

Has anybody else been in a similar situation?

I am really worried. My DH has been amazing. I am just feel like our chances of ever being parents has been ripped from underneath us. :cry:

Thank you for reading this and good luck to all of you xxx

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  • Hi sweetie,

    What I nightmare for you, I'm afraid I don't have much advice as I don't know too much about this, but wanted to send you lots of hugs as I can appreciate what you're going through. Why don't you get a doctors appointment tomorrow, and ask them your questions, and possible outcomes. If it looks difficult, push for a referral to the fertility clinic if you're not on that journey already.

    I have a feeling that I read a bit about chlyamidia when I was worried about it and an evil ex... and I have a feeling that IVF I can bypass the issues - but I might be wrong there. Go to the bookshop and have a quick read of an infertility book - the Zita West ones are good.

    Best of luck x x
  • Mrs Langley,

    I'm so sorry to hear this, you sound really distraught. Its awful for them to give you this news without any information or support.

    Do you know if you had a positive for the infection, or just the antibody titre? Because if its just the antibody titre, it means you have had chlamydia in the past, but doesn't necessarily mean you have chlamydia.

    If you have chlamydia, as far as I am aware, it is the Pelvic Inflammatory disease that causes the adhesions which CAN contribute to infertility, but won't necessarily.

    I know it seems impossible, but try not to worry before you get all the information from the GUM clinic.

    T x
  • Thanks for your support and advice ladies.

    I think chlamydia has always been at the back of my mind, especially since my evil ex.

    The weird thing is four years ago a family planning clinic gave me a self test kit you put in the post, but it would not fit in the post box so a just binned it and tried to forget about it.

    The worst thing about this whole thing is that when I called up to get my results the surgery had them down as all 'normal'. I got a letter a week later telling me I had tested positive! I went from so happy and relieved thinking I had been so lucky to total disbelief. My whole world is upside down right now.

    WindyMiller, I am sure I tested positive for the infection itself.

    I have had a whole weekend to think about everything and try and accept the worst. I shall hopefully be in a calm frame of mind when I see the doctor and the GUM and I can push for further tests. I don't want to wait a whole year knowing in the back of my mind that things are not going to happen naturally now.

    I cannot even begin to imagine explaining why I am infertile to family and friends.

  • MrsL, you don't have to explain to anyone about the chlamydia. IF (thats IF!) you have any fertility problems, and only thorough investigations will confirm this (I think a laparoscopy is needed to check for adhesions)you could just tell people you have adhesions or blocked tubes. You don't have to tell anyone why.

    I don't tend to discuss the ins and outs of it at all, if people ask I say I have a hormonal imbalance and don't ovulate properly. But most people who know, don't ask for details.

    I would press for a referral now, as you have been ttc over a year. We were referred after 9 months ttc.

    Good luck with your appt xx
  • This was also at the back off my mind for a while.. until i bit the bullet and went for the test... and since its been a good few months and ive not heard back im presuming all is well... But it was a really distressing time... the thought off my actions from the past contributing to my future off not being able to concieve was horrible.. image

    But there are lots and lots of different reasons why one isnt concieving... We are now in the "unexplained" bracket image

    Sending you lots of PMA hun, and hopefully your mind will be put at ease a bit tomorrow, and you will both get the antibiotics for sure... They take about two weeks too take full effect... So look forward to a fortnights time and think positive hun.. image I know its all easier said than done.. but whats dones done image

    Good Luck for tomorrow hun and let us know how you get on image xxx

    Oh P.S.... I had also convinced myself a couple years ago that I had P.I.D, but that was just my imagination running away with me.. :P xx
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to reassure you that having chlamydia doesn't always lead to blocked tubes (it is a risk with it though). I know this as I was also diagnosed with chlamydia about 2 months after me and my DH got together. As we don't know who gave it to who, I could have had it for 2 months or I could have had it for nearly a year (from an evil ex too!). It was something that had really worried me for about 9 months of us ttc, when nothing was happening. Anyway, I pushed for a HSG and my tubes are fine (the Dr said that the chlamydia had not caused any damage to them, as both are clear). I've heard that people go undiagnosed for longer and still have no long term damage, so please try not to worry too much image
  • I am 38 years old and have only had 5 sexual partners, all of which I knew and trusted.. I have recently had tests as after a 12 year realtionship with my ex husband (not a nice relationship) I have found somebody who I would Love to have children with. I have been to the doctors as I never gor pregnant with my ex. The tests for hormone levels came back fine and I thought "lets get started", weeks later a received news from the doctors that I may of been infected with chlamydia in the past, I am now terrified that this has ruined any chances. I have been referred to a fertility clinic, but need to provide a semen sample from my partner, I am so scared to even bring this up to him now I know about the chlamydia. I have never had any form of symptom, I have very regular periods... I just hope nad pray that things work out and I soon can happily announce that I am expecting a bundle.

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