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SA question

hi i have been told that i will need to go to docs so hubby can get a letter in order to book a SA how long did everyone wait for their appointment at SA?


  • my hubby didn't have to wait very long,maybe a week as the lab was only open for a few hours each day for the drop offs
  • so whats the proceedure?
  • We didn't have to wait, was just told to phone the lab and make sure of their procedure, who said we could drop it any time between 9:00-13:00 Mon-Fri.

    Hubs had to have his sample at the lab within an hour of producing it, kept warm i.e. in his pocket and what we wasn't told by our GP and is quite crucial was to abstain from sex for 3-5 days before producing the sample.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi sarahhodgkinson we had to wait a while because they changed the procedure of making appointments at our surgery. Initially we were given a number at the hospital to ring to make an appointment but my DH couldn't get through. He rang the surgery back and was then told that the procedure had changed and so the doctor needs to refer you and you'll be contacted by the hospital for an appointment. Our 1st doctor's appointment was on 14th July and hubby didn't get his SA appointment until 23rd August. We're still waiting for the results, really hoping that they come back this week. Hope it's quicker for you x
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