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Very low egg reserve & blocked tubes

Well yesterday I got a phone call to say my egg reserve was very low, to say I am in shock is an understatement image

I was due for my pre-op tomorrow for lap & dye next week, thats now been cancelled, Ive to go to the fertility clinic instead.

Is there anyone on here with the same problem, I've just turned 34 and feel like its over for us now. :cry:


  • Hi, Sorry to hear your news. I am afraid I do not know what this means. I would have thought they would have still done your lap and dye. Try and think as positively as you can, it won't be over for you I am sure there is something that they can do to help you.

    Lots of magic baby dust to you.

  • Hi there

    Please don't lose hope. I don't know why they have cancelled your lap as there are still things that can be done. Ivf can still be done and they are likely to put you on short protocol which means they don't down regulate you which means your body doesn't get shut down and restarted as they do on

    Long protocol.

    I would suggest that you pop over to fertility friends and look on the poor responders thread. The ladies are lovely there and you will see many many positive stories from ladies who have low amh. I am currently waiting for my results so know exactly how you feel as we only got 2 eggs on our last cycle.

    Good luck.

    V xxx
  • Hi there Manolofan- am at a similar stage to you in this lttc journey. Just been told that my FSH is far too high (usually die to low ovarian reserve) and that the PCT won't do AMH to confirm this so have to pay to get that done privately. I spoke to the fertility nurse specialist about it all yesterday as was totally freaking out, but she said not to 'race ahead' as 'there are always options'... She said that even though NHS won't do IVF with my levels of FSH, some private clinics might...if not, an egg donor may be a possibilty (although I don't really know much about that yet). All very scary and overwhelming- but just wanted you to know that you are defo not alone.

    How long do you have to wait for the FC appointment? Hopefully they will have some answers for you. I find all the waiting for info the scariest bit-have stopped using google to find answers as it always just scares me! Really hope your FC appointment goes well and that they can help you. I'd be really interested to hear how you get on.

    Lots of luck xx
  • Well girls thanks for your lovely comments, I had my appointment this morning, new it was bad when I got an appointment within 2 days, not the usual 12 weeks image

    Results are not good, my results were 4.6, should be nearer 30 at my age.

    Feeling strange and had a very good cry, now a feel so calm as if I have drawn a line under the whole thing.

    We need to wait 24 months for IVF, we cant afford to go private, so the decision we have made is to try and go with the flow and if my eggs are no good then we love each other and will start making a new life
  • Bless you honey. So sorry the news wasn't better for you. I know there's nothing I can say to help, but just wanted to let you know that if you ever need a chat, or even just a rant, I'm happy to listen xx
  • Thanks MrsH3, your very kind, going to hibernate this weekend I think and just have a few days to let it sink in(feel sorry for myself and my darling hubby)

  • manolofan I'm so sorry it wasn't better news for you hun, I hope you get the help you need ((((big hugs)))) xx
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