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Just had SA result - Can you help?

Hi Ladies,

My hubby has just had his SA result from the surgery they have told him that he needs to do a re-test because the sample wasn't enough :?

I'm so confused does this mean that there is a problem? I'm not sure what to think I haven't heard of this before.

Any help would be great, I'm driving myself mad and I don't want to bring it up with hubby and make him worry I'm trying to act as if I'm not concerned x


  • Hi,

    Doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem. My OH has done three now, and his first was the lowest quantity - to be honest, I think he was freaked out by the process, which is understandable! They'll normally want to do a couple, a few months apart to ensure that there are no freak results.
  • Hi bleurgh thanks for the response, I'm not sure if they have even tested my hubby's sperm as they said the sample wasn't enough. I'm really annoyed that the doctor hasn't sent us a letter or called to say what the problem is I feel like we haven't been properly informed which ends up just causing more worry x
  • Our GP warned us that many things can happen with a SA that can lead you to have an unclear result. Honestly, I highly doubt that they see it as a big deal (even though for us it really, really is). Just the fact that they need to repeat it. Horrid though :evil:
  • Thanks Munchie78uk I'm finding all the waiting really frustrating, I am trying to be patient but finding it hard. I was hoping that the result would put a line under all the wondering/worrying that something is wrong.

    Hubby is ringing the surgery back on Thursday to try and push things along, our surgery receptionist doesn't know how to make a referral for him apparently image !

    Thanks for the response x
  • Loopy, def push the receptionist to get more information!! It could be that if hubs was nervous he just didn't produce enough sample, having been 'googling' SA myself, it seems it can happen quite often when they're nervous or under pressure, which this siutation obviosuly can be!

    But just telling you it's not enough is not really helpful and unfortunatley GP surgery's aren't very good where SA are concerned as we've found out!! We've got to back tonight to discuss the results of our repeat test at the request of our GP, so v.nervous today!!
  • Ohh Vickster_77 good luck tonight, let us know how you get on I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I'm going to ask my hubby to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss his results or ask for them to be posted to him.

    My surgery has been useless so they're not filling me with much hope. My DH has the hospital today to ask for a referral just to call the surgery back and prove to them that the doctor needs to refer him as they told him he can just ring up and make an appointment himself - even I know that isn't the case it's feels like we're doing their job for them.

    Can I ask how long you had to wait between the first and repeat test?

    Good luck x
  • We didn't really have to wait Loopy, hubs just had to go back to his GP and get another form and specimen pot. We then just had to do the abstinece period and he took it back in to the lab. Our lab seems pretty relaxed about things.

    Your GP surgery should be able to give you the results they were sent still. Ours gave us a full print out of his results compared to the WHO guidlines so we know his first sample was pretty bad! Count was only 2 million, 2% morphology and 2% motility. So I'm hoping there's a miracle and there's a vast improvement!

    These are the WHO guidlines:

    ??????? volume: 2.0 ml or more

    ??????? liquefaction time: within 60 minutes

    ??????? pH: 7.2 or more

    ??????? sperm concentration: 20 million spermatozoa per ml

    or more

    ??????? total sperm number: 40 million spermatozoa per

    ejaculate or more

    ??????? motility: 50% or more motile (grades a* and b**) or

    25% or more with progressive motility (grade a) within

    60 minutes of ejaculation

    ??????? vitality: 75% or more live

    ??????? white blood cells: fewer than 1 million per ml

    ??????? morphology: 15% or 30%***


    * Grade a: rapid progressive motility (sperm moving swiftly, usually in a straight line).

    ** Grade b: slow or sluggish progressive motility (sperm may be less linear in their


    *** Currently being reassessed by the World Health Organization. In the interim, the

    proportion of normal forms accepted by laboratories in the UK is either the earlier

    World Health Organization lower limit of 30% or 15% based on strict morphological



    Hope your hubs gets some answers as there's nothing more frustrating than not knowing!!
  • Good Luck tonight hun... We've been through it all image Its a horrible long drawn out process isnt it?? Although it was a bit of weight off my shoulders when OH was doing his SA, as i finally felt it wasnt all about me!! ... If that makes sense??? ha xx
  • Hi Vickster_77 thanks for the post it'll be great to have something to compare my hubby's results to. Good luck for tonight, I hope my DH doesn't have to wait for a re-test then, I was worrying they might make up wait for three months for new sperm.

    MrsCupcake87 yes I know what you mean hun x
  • Hope all goes well with the retest loopy. You shouldn't have to wait long for the retest,as you've said already that they didn't test the first sample so why wait 3 months when they don't know anything about the first sample.

    Vickster hope all goes well with your gp this evening got my fingers crossed you get an improvement
  • hi wibblewobble1 i'm not sure if the tested the first sample or not. All they said was that the sample wasn't enough so I assume it wasn't enough to test? Or I might be wrong, hubby is ringing the surgery tomorrow and I've asked him to ask the receptionist if the results could be posted to us so I suppose we'll find out if they tested it or not then.

    Hope all went well Vickster x
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