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Gutted :-(

Bleeding tonight, I'm devastated! I was so excited to get bfp after 3 yrs and it's all been taken away from me... What have I done to deserve this?


  • Oh hunni. I am so sorry. This is not your fault at all. There is nothing you could have done to prevent this. I lost 3 babies before 12 weeks and lost my son last year at 25+5 weeks but 16 days ago I gave birth to my daughter. Never ever give up hope lovely. xxxx

    ~Fly high baby~
  • Oh Hon, so sorry. Didn't want to r&r.

    Are you sure it's the worst news? I've never been lucky enough to get a bfp, but so many girls here seem to have had some bleeding and things eventually are ok.

    Hope you're ok
  • Aw really feel for you xxx But as Pumpkim says don't give up hope until you've been checked you can bleed through a healthy pregnancy x Good luck xxxxxxx
  • Abihylands I am so sorry but as the others said have u got checked out? Of many do another of test? As a lot of women have bleeding in pregnancy.

    I feel for u hun, but please go to the docs or a and e.

    X x x
  • So sorry to hear that abihylands, always here to listen when you're ready. Much love xxx
  • image

    Really hoping it is not what you thought. Let us know how you're doing.
  • aww huni, got my fingers crossed its not what your thinking. like the others say, bleeding seems to happen alot throughout pregnancy xxxxx
  • abihylands hope you are okay hun x
  • So sorry to read this, hope you are ok.

  • Hi all

    Well I was right unfortunately. Been for a scan today which has confirmed I am yet again miscarrying! It's so unfair after ttc for over 3 years you get that bfp and then it's snatched away from you.

    I suppose these things happen. Mc number 2 now, nurse said only 1% of people go on to have a 3rd mc so I guess there is that glimmer of hope!

    Not bleed much so got that delight to come. I guess I've then got to wait until my next cycle to take clomid again. This is going to be so difficult with my sister in law being 9 wks pregnant!

    Thanks for all your well wishes. X
  • I'm so so sorry for your loss. Life is so unfair sometimes. Wish I had words that would comfort you but I don't think there are any. Again so sorry xxxx
  • I'm so sorry for your loss (((big hugs))) hun x
  • Oh, Abi, I really feel for you. Having to cope with s.i.l too. Nothing anyone can say to make it better, I know. But we're here for you xxxx
  • Im so sorry hun image. Take care x
  • Im so so sorry chick x x

    booey x x
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