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SA Results

Well hubs and I went back to the docs to discuss his repeat sperm analysis results last night. Although they have improved from his initial test, his count/ml is still much lower than the quidlines and motility is still very poor - no rapid movement ones at all:

??????? volume: 2.0 ml or more 1stTest-2.5ml 2nd-6ml

??????? liquefaction time: within 60 minutes

??????? pH: 7.2 or more 1stTest-8.5 2nd-8.0

??????? sperm concentration: 20 million spermatozoa per ml

or more 1stTest-2million/ml 2nd-8million/ml

??????? total sperm number: 40 million spermatozoa per

ejaculate or more 1stTest-10million 2nd-48million

??????? motility: 50% or more motile (grades a* and b**) or 25% or more with progressive motility (grade a) within 60 minutes of ejaculation 1stTest-(a)0% (b)2% (c)4% (d)94% 2nd-(a)0% (b)32% (c)14% (d)54%

??????? morphology: 15% 1stTest-2% 2nd-3%

I naively presumed if there was a problem wth us we'd get referred to a clinic for advice. But our GP has said he would only be classed as sub-fertile and wouldn't refer us to a fertility clinic for at least another 6months image

All our GP talked us through was working out my cycle (know it inside out), abstain from sex for a week prior to ov (i thought fresh swimmers i.e. every other day was suppose to be better?!) and stick my legs in the air afterwards! So not really the most useful information!

I'm just a bit gutted really, its been hard enough over the last year or so of ttc thinking everything was OK, but the thought of another 6months with knowing we now have a far less than even average chance of concieving how to keep up the PMA that it will ever happen image

Any body else with similar results or in the same boat??


  • Hi Vickster_77, I've been looking out for your post and thinking of you.

    Sorry to hear that they won't refer you for another 6 months hun, it's so annoying isn't it. We've been TTC for 13 months now, hubby is waiting for his re-test SA. I honestly thought that you would be referred if there was any sort of problem.

    It's good to see your hubby's results have improved, the 2nd lot of results seem a lot better than the first - did he do anything to improve them such as cutting down on alcohol etc? I would be interested to know because my hubby has cut out alcohol for the last three weeks in the hope that it may help us.

    Does the doctor think his motility may improve on its own in time? Perhaps not having sex for the week before ov might be the winning formula I have heard that if men have issues with sperm it is better to just try and time it exactly as it will give you a better chance of conceiving. Did the doctor say they will definitely refer you if still nothing after 6 months?

    We've been told that if hubby's SA are ok then we've got to be TTC for 18 months before we're referred so that will take us up to next Jan.

    Sending you a (((((big hug)))))) xxx
  • Loopy, have you managed to get anymore info on hubs results?

    Hubs didn't do much different for these results apart from abstain for longer, it was only 24hrs beore producing his sample 1st time and 5 days 2nd time as they say between 3-5days. Our GP forgot to tell us that vital bit of information and so to say i have very little faith left in them is the best I can say! I can't believe they're not even sending hubs for further to tests to try and find out if there's a minor problem causing his low count/poor quality!

    Hubs is now taking Wellman Conception vits and I've ordered a another called Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract) that's suppose to improve quality too! So we'll wait and see! Although I'm seriously considering trying to get a second opinion from somewhere as I just feel we've been fobbed off at the minute!!

    Hope you have more luck x
  • Hi Vickster_77 would you consider paying privately? I was looking up some costs the other night online, some of the tests etc don't seem too pricey.

    My DH rang the hospital back they are supposed to be sending him out another appointment for his re-test this week but I'll believe it when I see it. DH also asked if his 1st sample was even tested and if there was any results, the receptionist didn't know as it's confidential so she's promised to ask the doctor to put a copy in the post if there are any results but like you I haven't got much faith in them.

    The day my DH did his was on a Tuesday just after a heavy weekend drinking as we stayed away for the weekend for my cousin's wedding so I'm hoping that, that might be one of the causes of the problem and FC the new results will be ok.

    I would feel the same as you and want a second opinion too, if there is an issue, like you I would expect some type of help. I always think to myself that they fobb you off becuase they don't have enough funds for the tests/treatment. I would be happy to pay something if it got answers. I hope the new supplements work hun were they recommended online?

    Hope you get you much deserved BFP soon xxx
  • Hi Vickster_77 just wanted to tell you that DH has just had his new appointment for the SA retest and its not until the 29th November image I thought we would have one straight away if they didn't test the first one, now I'm wondering if they did test it and the results weren't very good? That's why they are making us wait 3 months foa retest?

    Just wondered what you thought. Have u given any more thought to a 2nd opinion? x
  • Loopy make an appointment with your gp for you and oh and tell them that you want the results on paper,they are your results and you are entitled to know them. My gp has no issues with giving me copies of results it takes literally seconds for them to call up your medical records and print them off.

    I think you need to get your gp to refer you to a clinic for tests even if you are paying privately, in some cases you can lose your right to nhs funded treatment if you go too far down the private tx path.
  • Loopy, without knowing your results it would be completley second-guessing but from my research if your hub's sample is borderline they like to re-test after 3 months. This is because sperm take 2-3 months to regenerated, so essentially results could be completley different after 3months. But like wibble said you really are entitled to a copy of the results so you know where you stand!

    With regards to the boozy weekend it shouldn't have made much of a difference to your hubs test, we thought the same, but because they are alredy made 2-3 months ago it shouldn't effect them. Only prolonged heavy alcohol consumption would have an effect!

    Cutting down is probably a good idea overall though and hubs and i are trying to be good, eat extra healthily, excercise more and are both taking the his&her conception vits. I've heard good things about the wellman conception, but look into zinc, selenium, q10 and vit c which are all suppose to be good for producing good quality sperm, so get hubs on them now and hopefully they'll make a difference for the second test, if you find you need it image

    As for us i've found a male fertility consultant that works for both our local nhs and bupa hospital, so going to contact him to see if he thinks it would be worth us getting referred to him, so we'll wait and see!!!
  • Thanks wibblewobble1 for the advice, I think we should be entitled to the results too. I'll have a chat with my DH about it tonight, it would be nice for both of us to sit down with the doctor just for her to go through them with us.

    Vickster_77 thanks for the info about the vits I'll do a bit of reserach on them this week to see how much he's supposed to be taking of what. Glad you've managed to find a male fertility consultant hope you get your appointment soon, hopefully he'll be able to give you some further advice.

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