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Another Update (i hope you remember me)

Hi everyone.

I haven't been on here for a long time. I thought I would give you another update and to have a rant. In March I was supposed to have an operation privately but it was cancelled the day before. It was rearranged for the following month and it was cancelled again due to my consultant being suspended. I then decided to go with the NHS and with a new consultant. Surgery was supposed to be on Tuesday. I was supposed to go in at 7.15am but I was sent home by 8am as I had been sent the wrong time.

So I went home for 4 hours and went back at 12pm. The consultant came to see me to let me know they had lost my notes. My consultant came to see me at 4.30pm to tell me that the anaesthetist won't work past 5pm. I went absolutely crazy. Also, the girl next to me was supposed to have some teeth removed but when they got her in there, the teeth weren't there. I could have had her theatre time. It's just been a complete sham and I have made a complaint with the patient Advice and Liaison Service. They are investigating the lack of communication.

Surgery has been rescheduled but I have no idea if it will go ahead.

I know that cancellations happen a lot but this is my third time. This is my future we are talking about. Not a tooth removal op. I can't believe that a doctor didn't ask to see this girls teeth before putting her under general anesthetic and using everyone's time and resources.

It's just unbelievable.


  • Wow Hun that's rough! I'd have totally flipped out!

    What a nightmare, fingers crossed the next appt goes ahead Hun

    X x
  • Sounds like you need a good venting, Laura. Its amazing (amazingly awful) that you have been let down on so many separate occasions and sounds like they were stalling this time because they didn't have you notes.

    A friend of mine is working on computer systems at the NHS and is amazed at the lack of communication with patients notes. I had investigations 10 years ago and no one has any interest in finding them. Patients are just expected to know all their own history.

    I really hope you get this sorted after everythig you've been through xx
  • Thank you ladies.

    Wendy, do you really think it's because of my notes?

  • No way of knowing, but it seems supsicious, doesn't it? That they "gave you the wrong time", but THEN couldn't find your notes?

    I wish people would just be honest from the start. We're having a similar problem with veterinary referral at work too. Cocks ups all over the place, but the consultant just gets defensive and tries to shift the blame. Just take responsibility for your actions!!
  • I just realised I got your name wrong. I'm really sorry image
  • Haha! No worries! xx
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