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Reflexology - ? For Faye or anyone else who knows

Hi Faye,

You said you had reflexology before this bfp. How many sessions did you have and did you tell them it was for fertility problems?

As you know I've just mc at 6 wks and desperate to try anything that might help next time round and help me get a sticky bean.....

Hope you're feeling ok.


  • ooooo im so glad u asked this coz ive been thinking the same thing!
  • Anything that might help us Sarah!! image 8)
  • Heya hun

    I totally believe the reflexology is what gave me my bfp.

    I went every 2 weeks normally about twice a month. That was as much as i could afford.

    I told her it was for fertility and that i had, had a mc before etc. So she would work on the ovaries and uterus more. If you don't tell them then they won't work extra on those areas. As long as they are a good reflexologist and there are no blockages in the falopian tubes ( sometimes reflexology can losen some blockages but not all )it should work.

    Just like clomid, reflexology is only used to stimulate your ovaries reflexology alone won't get you PG. I just made sure we bd'ed regularly and really took it easy the month i feel.

    I hope that helps. If you need to know anything else or more let me know. I am now learning to become a reflexologist because i think its amazing!!!

  • Hiya, Im gatecrashing here, saw the thread on the side. Ive been having reflex for a while for 2 reasons. To bring my periods forward and to help ttc. My periods came forward by 2 weeks. She said my fallopian tubes were a bit clogged up, these have totally cleared now (you can tell when they are working on them). I have been pregnant twice which happened really quickly (unfortunately have lost both babies but Im lucky to have a son). I am adamant that reflex has helped me get pregnant so quick. The lady i go to has had a 100% success rate with getting ladies pregnant, including a lady who had unsuccessful IVF attempts. Im having tests for recurrent mc and the specialist nurse I go to said she is a reflexologist and she treats women for infertility and says it works. I had half an hour sessions every 2 weeks as I just wanted to concentrate on my reproductive bits. It cost ??15 per session for this. Just make sure though that you dont have reflex around the time your period is due, just in case you are pregnant as reflex can cause mc. Good luck xxx
  • Oh and like Faye said you defo need to tell them why you are there or they wont work on the bits they need to x
  • *Warning - Negative Post*

    Hello Ladies,

    I've been having reflexology since March. I had it once a week for the first month and then mid-cycle every month since. My sessions last an hour and cost ??30. Of course I told her why I was going so she could concentrate on the right areas and she says she has helped some clients fall pregnant but so far no luck for me. But then I'm not sure anything will work for us now. We've been TTC no2 for almost 3 years with no luck (fell straight away with no1). We have unexplained secondary infertility. We've tried clomid (6 cycles), I've tried homeopathy and now reflexology and DuoFertility (5 cycles).

    My relexologist is lovely and last month informed me that my uterus seemed very active and that month I had ovulation bleeding for the first time ever but still no success. I've decided to continue going until the end of the year and then give up.

    It is a lovely hour though and certainly worth a try if you're considering it. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  • So the reflexology did work if it made u ov?

    As I said in my post reflexology in it's self won't get u pg all it can do is stimulate the ovaries and make u ov. Some people it takes longer than others and certain problems with fertility it might not help.

    so if anyone is looking for reflexology to make them pg it won't work, reflexology will only bring on ov like it did with me. But we still had to make sure we bd a lot to catch.

    X x
  • Faye - According to all the tests I've had, I have always been ovulating which is why I have unexplained infertility (there is nothing wrong with either of us). My reflexologist is aware of this and still said it would help me so I'm giving it a go.

    You say you went every two weeks - was your treatment the same every time? I thought you couldn't go at the end of your cycle in case you're pregnant (or they have to work on different parts). I've probably ovulated yesterday and my next appointment is tomorrow so now I'm wondering whether to keep this appointment.
  • My treatment was pretty much the same everytime. They say not to have reflexology in ur first triemester because it could course mc. But the risk is pretty minimal and I would have had reflexology atleast twice when I was pg and didn't know it and all us fine at the mo.

    Also I wasn't tracking ov at that point because even clomid didn't make me ov so didn't really think it would work if I'm honest!! But it totally did and I ovulated on my second natural period!!

    X x
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