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Question about CD21/CD3 bloods?

Hi Ladies,

I've had my CD21 bloods done which came back as okay according to the doctor but I haven't seen the results myself.

I just wondered why I haven't been offered CD3 bloods? Alot of people on here seem to be offered CD3 bloods as well as the CD21 bloods and also scans etc when they haven't even been ttc for a year. I was always under the impression the CD3 bloods measure for different things to the CD21 bloods so I thought it would be important to do both?

Just curious x


  • Errrm, I'm guessing that if your 21 day bloods are ok, ie. they show you are ovulating, then the cd 3 bloods are irrelevant, maybe? As I think they measure FSH, LH etc. So will give a clue as to why you are not ovulating. But if you ARE ovulating (progesterone at cd21), then they assume your FSH/LH etc are all ok.

    Someone else might know more, or know for sure, but thats my guess. But my guesses are sometimes squ-if, as most of my medical knowledge is veterinary related!
  • Thanks WindyMilleruk1 I just always thought they measured different things, I've read that some people have both done the same month as standard.

    Thanks for the response x
  • Not sure this is the same thing but Im having tests done for recurrent mc. I had to have some done on day 21 and have to go back between day 2 and 5 of cycle for others, so there must be a reason why they do it in 2 lots. Im due to have my 2nd lot done any day soon so I can be nosey and ask why! x
  • Ohh LisaDuk6 yes please I'd love to know the answer - thanks x
  • I shall ask, the nurse is lovely. Ive got to have a HSG x-ray too and I know thats used for infertility. Have you had one of them? You are suppose to be very fertile for a bit after x
  • Hi LisaDuk6 the only thing I've been offered is the CD21 bloods which I've had done. One lady on here hasn't been ttc for a year (with no cycles problems etc) and was sent for CD3 & CD21 bloods plus the HSG x-ray straight away.

    I've been told to go away, keep TTC and come back when we've been TTC for 18 months if still nothing.

    DH has had his SA done but he's got to go for a retest, it's not til the 29th November so we're in for a bit of a wait!

    Hope the HCG x-ray goes well for you and brings you a bit of luck afterwards xx
  • The inconsistancy of PCT's drives me mad! Some of it is because of age, though. I assume you're under 35, Loopy? Because you can insist on referral after 6 months if you're over 35. Mind you, I would try going back for a 2nd opinion, as every Dr, even in each surgery seems to be different. I was 31 when we were first referred and had been ttc for 9 months. Got referred straight away (mind you, the Dr made me cry as he just scoffed "Oh, if you're not pregnant now, its unlikely you'll ever get pregnant naturally" Nice!)
  • WindyMilleruk1 OMG what a horrible doctor! I can't believe he/she said that.

    Yes I'm under 35, I first went when we'd been TTC for a year. The doctor told me that they don't refer people until they have been TTC for 2 years (I think it's because I live in Wales). I was really upset so she said keep TTC for 18 months and I'll tell a little white lie to refer you sooner if all the tests come back ok.

    So I suppose it's just a waiting game for us now, we'll have to see what the 2nd lot of hubby SA says and take it from there. It's annoying though, I said to DH they other night, even though my bloods are fine how can they possibly know if there is a problem on not with my tubes etc without having a scan? x
  • Makes you want to move, doesn't it?! My fertility clinic also serves Mid Wales and they only require you to have been in a stable relationship for a year before they will give you assistance. Its crazy.
  • I think it's more an age related thing as to why they wont do more tests, that and you have a normal 21 day test result already. If you were referred to a fertility clinic they'd do every test they could to get all the info needed

    they usually say 2 years as they expect most most women to fall pregnant in that time and it saves them money on what they see as un necessary testing it really sucks tho that some places/pct's seem to spend loads more than others
  • Hi, I am paying for my treatment by the way, my MIL is very kindly paying. I got told I needed bloods between day 2 & 5 of my cycle and have been this morning to have 2 lots taken. They test for thyroid, oestrogen and the male hormone which i cant remember the name of! The nurse today said that Day 1 is the start of a new cycle and is the point the eggs start being produced again. They can test how fertile you are (which isnt an exact science but gives you a good idea), make sure eggs are being produced and everything is working as it should be. For ladies who are long term ttc/infertile I would say this is defo needed and I would push for this. The day 21 bloods are to test progestorone which is needed in pregnancy, plus blood clotting etc. Hope this helps. Got my HSG Friday, not looking forward to that!! x
  • Thanks, Lisa. You can see why they just use day 21 for the very basic investigations. They definitley did FSH in my day 3 bloods too.

    Oh, and don't worry about HSG, it really is just a twinge-type pain. I've had much worse af pains. My post-op lap & dye pain had been harder to cope with. I cried for ten minutes on a car journey 2 days post-op, as it was so painful! Good luck for HSG!
  • Ah thanks WindyMiller! I need to try relax about it!! x
  • Hi WindyMilleruk1 yes it's so annoying it should be the same across the board hope you are ok after your lap n dye it sounds like you've had a rough time.

    wibblewobble1 i expect your right ut two years is such a long time, I can't help but feel you may be TTC for two years with problems that could have been sorted out a lot sooner if you were offered all the tests. Good luck for your hubby's test it won't be long now.

    LisaDuk6 thanks for the info, it's nice for your MIL to pay for the tests for you. Have you used the NHS at all? I would like the CD3 bloods done as it would be nice to know that i'm still fertile and my time isn't running out. Good luck for the HCG x
  • Hi, I did go to my GP's. My history is mmc, then my son who is 2, mc and another mmc, so technically not 3 in a row and I have a son so I know im very very lucky. However 3 mc is enough and the last one completely broke me really! Also im 36!. The GP said they would do my bloods and if they came back ok, no further testing would be done. I wasnt happy with that as its not all about bloods!! Luckily my MIL offered so I said yes please!! During my first consultation they did me an ultrasound scan and found either a polyp or fibroid in my uterus and consultant said my lining was very thick for the time of month i was at. If I had gone NHS I may never have found this out unless maybe an issue with my bloods. I have a specialist nurse who is absolutely lovely who I can ring whenever I want for whatever reason. They help and give you advice along the way. Its true when they say money talks!! Luckily I married into family that has a bit, ha!! x
  • Hi Loopy,

    Do you have regular cycles? Also have you used those ovulation predictor tests? I'm sure I remember reading on the packets of those if you're still not pregnant after 6 months you should contact your GP and push for further tests.

    Fortunately I had an understanding GP who said to get my DH checked out first (less faff!) which from his SA (no sperm) was a blindingly obvious cause of why I wasn't pregnant as my cycles were so regular. I referred ourselves to a fertility clinic had all my blood test results (FSH, LH, progesterone cycle days and days I ovulated) The consultant just said well i could see from your progesterone (only 30) and the fact you have regular cycles you're ovulating. I didn't need to have a lap and dye etc.

    Anyway the blood test between day 2 and 4 of your cycle is more for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) If it's too high (I think) can suggest problem. This can also be taken into account if you're looking to have fertility treatment under the NHS.

    Also one of the criteria for NHS fertility treatment was to have been trying for 2 years OR have proven cause for subfertility. No sperm was definitely a cause!!

    Good luck,


    PS you should have your progesterone checked 7 days before the start of your next cycle so if you have a 28 day cycle it would be day 21. A 25 day cycle would be day 18.
  • Hi LisaDuk6 sorry to hear about your miscarriages hun but I'm so glad your MIL is paying and moving things forward quickly for you. That's the way I feel to be honest, it's not all about bloods so how can they get a clear picture? Your nurse sounds lovely, it must be nice to have someone at the end of the phone that you can chat to.

    Hi Mum2Hairy1 yes I have regular cycles and I've been using the CBFM which shows two 'peaks' every month. I read that this doesn't confirm ov so I started temping the last three months and these seem to confirm ov. I've had my 21 day bloods which were fine so I suppose I'll just have to wait for DH's SA re-test as there may still be an issue with him. I hate all the waiting, his appointment isn't until the 29th November.

    I feel like we're TTC but there is little point because I'm convinced that there is a problem. The main reason being is that when me and DH was 15 we slept together once and I ended up pregnant, I'm sad to say that I didn't go through with the pregnancy because we were so young and still in school. Now I'm terrifed that we've missed our chance of ever having a family, I still regret it and I suppose I'll never know if I did the right thing. The irony is that we're still together and happily married now. I just feel is was so cruel for it to happen that one time and now 13 months on we're strugging to remain positive. I can't help but beat myself up about it. I explained all this to the doctor and she said she'll refer us in 18months and tell a little white lie that we've been TTC for 2 years. Havign told her our history I thought I would have been sent for a scan.

    Hope you all get your BFP's soon x
  • Hi Loopy13, just one more thing that I was gonna mention, why dont you try reflexology? Ive been having it for a year. I keep going on about it on here but I think its fab. The lady that does my reflexology has a 100% success rate getting ladies pregnant, even one who had failed IVF. The nurse at my clinic is also a reflexologist and she treats infertile women. The fact you have got pregnant once before should give you hope. You need to try not to feel guilty about that (I do know how you feel). You did what you thought was best at the time and no one can blame you for that. Anyway the reflexology brought my periods forward by 2 weeks and i believe helped me get pregnant quickly twice (April 11 and July 11 I mc'd). I would defo recommend it, you should spend about ??30 a month but its well worth it. Like I said earlier I would push for the day 2 - 5 bloods cos thats what will help inform you about your fertility. If you can afford (not sure how much it will be), i am guessing about ??300/??400 as my OH had 2 lots of blood done and his was that much. I only had 2 taken for these lot. thats what is frustrating, the day 2 - 5 bloods (as i was told by nurse) results will come back quickly whereas others take 6 weeks. In that case I cant understand why they wont give them you cos they the cheapest lot to do!! When I had day 21 ones done they took about 10 lots of blood! Anyway, good luck, it will happen! My friend that was having reflex, it took her 20 months to get pregnant and she is mid 20's. She was on the DEPO though and ive not heard good stories about ttc after that! x
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