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Thought I would introduce myself.

I have been off the pill for a year now, I saw my gyne last month and she has offered me CD3 and 21 blood tests and I had a scan yesterday. Apart from a small ovarian cyst it seems normal and they will be sending off the measurements to my gyne.

Next step is to see her again in November when she will possibly offer me clomid and some tests on partner.

Im on CD32 and I was hoping that the sonographer would tell me there was a little bean in there but no such luck image

I have anything from 30 to 57 day cycles and its torture!!!!



  • Fiona sounds like ur doc is doing everything right, which is great as I know some docs fob people off!

    I know what long and irregular cycles are like, but I'm living proof u can still conceive!!

    Hope ur stay in LTTC is short in the nicest possible way

    Ul find the girls here are brilliant, any advice or worries they are a great support.

    X x
  • Hi Fiona - totally understand where you're coming from. My best cycle this year has been 140 days!!! Just started clomid, waiting to see if it has made me ovulate. The ladies here are fab and there is always someone who gets how you're feeling that day. And as Faye says, hope your stay is a short one image
  • ah thanks girls, I never thought I would be back here. I was here in 2008 before I fell pregnant with my daughter after trying for a year. I didnt expect it to take this long again!! x
  • Welcome Fiona! Yep, def in good company there! I've been on clomis or provera for th last 6 months or so, so I'm almost getting used to predictable cycles - such a novelty. Somehow still manage to get through stupid number of pg tests, though!!
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