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The post I never thought I would write..........

Hi girls,

Some of you may know me, we have been ttc for 2 and a half years, diagnosed unexplained infertility. Well after losing loads of weight we finally had IUI this month and I cant believe I am typing this............BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly never thought it would happen (am sure you can all relate to this) so me and hubby are a bit in shock but sooooooooo delighted!!

Its so early days (just 4 weeks), I have an early scan 18th Oct - not sure how I am going to last till then!!

Even if it all goes wrong (fingers crossed it wont) at least I have been able to get pregnant.

Wishing you all the best in this awful journey and thanks for reading



  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im not sure if you remember me Jonzemonkey as I havent been around much the last year but Ive been popping in every now and again to check on how everyone is doing. I am so pleased for you and your post has given the rest of us some hope. I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy. xxxxx
  • Fab news JM - really glad to hear the IUI worked, I've not heard that many positive stories. Hope you had a wonderful pregnancy x
  • that's fantastic news chick! congratulations to you x x
  • Brilliant news - Congratulations image
  • Congrats hunny x x
  • Oh my god that is such fantastic news!!!! I love to hear these things. I'm also losing a bit of weight now in preparation for IUI, we are currently on our 2nd month of follicle tracking. It has given me hope that maybe in the new year I'll be writing a post like this! Enjoy your pregnancy image
  • Congratulations thats fantastic!!!!!!!! You must be over the moon xx
  • congratulations xx
  • Absolutely fabulous news, JM!! Hoping for a relaxing, happy and healthy 9months for you xxx
  • image Congratulations hun! Wishing u a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Thanks all!!!!

    Still cant believe it! Had to do another test this am! Think I will be getting through quite as few of those over the coming weeks!

    TiggeRoo - well done on your weight loss so far - keep going it is hard work but really really worth it!

  • Congrats, Jonzemonkey! That's wonderful news.
  • Fantastic news. xx
  • Wow jonzemonkey fantastic news! So pleased to read your success story, wishing you a very H&H 9 months x
  • Super news JM... image

    Keep in touch, I know not many off us are on here these days.. but would love to hear how things progress image ..

    Its great hearing success stories... We should be starting IUI in the New Year.. bit apprenhensive.. altho stories like these defo help image xx
  • wow well done, fantastic news!! how much weight did you lose, if thats ok to ask!!?! xxx
  • i dont mind you asking at all dummy_mummy - I lost 5 and a half stone by doing lighter life, my BMI went from a shocking 41 to 27.

    MrsCupcake - thank you! So glad you are getting moving on IUI - one of my friends has just had IUI that worked too, think we boosted their stats!!

  • I am gatecrashing from planning a baby, but I am so so happy for you and hope that you enjoy every single minute of being pregnant.xx
  • fantastic news, Congratulations lovey xxx
  • wow congrats to you xxxxx
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