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150mg Clomid and Metformin still no ov :(

Hi girls

Not been on for a while as finding this whole ttc a little too much at the mo. A little bout me mc in Mar 10 and since then no periods or ov. am currently on 4th month of clomid and 1st of metformin and still no ovulation. Each month day 21 and day 28 bloods are less than 1. The doc isnt even giving me tablets to bring on periods anymore. I just dont know what the next step is for me and getting really worried that it might just never be image I have all the tests done and dont have pcos and as the docs say have unexplained infertility. anyone out there in similar situation or know of what might be next? I am due to see gynae on 11th so will speak to them then but just wondered if anyone can offer advice. I feel really low at the mo :cry:


  • I'm sorry, Leanne. That must be so frustrating (I'm sure you don't need me to point that out!) But I don't understand why they would put you on metformin if you don't have pcos? As far as I'm aware, that is to help pcos sufferers control their blood sugar levels, as their bodies can produce too much insulin, so the tissues become de-sensitized to it??? I've never been prescribed it, so maybe someone who has can tell you more?

    But if you have pcos, that would explain things more. And there are more things which can be investigated / dealt with, so don't get too disheartened!
  • Sorry to hear you're not having much success Leanne. I'm not sure why they would prescribe metformin if you don't have pcos. I take metformin but I do have it. was your clomid prescribed by fertility clinic and have they done follicle tracking or just blood tests?

    Try not to get too disheartened with it all, it's a long old game and a very emotional one. We are now on month 37 of ttc and had 2 mc this year. Trying to stay positive.

    There is so much that can be done these days so don't lose faith. image
  • Leanne, I have pcos, but also haven't responded to clomid (and drilling).

    I'm due to clinic on the 14th, and want to be refered for ivf... I don't know that's the next step, but on extensive reading (!) I can't really see another option- I think the same applies to unexplained fertility.

    Please bear in mind this is NOT expert advice- but I am going through the same thing so understand how you feel.


    Btw, I've read about metformin being used to induce ov even without pcos. I don't thunk anyone really knows why it sometimes help. The reduced insulin resistance in pcos seems a bit assumed rather than proven as the cause. Like ive said before, my unit don't use it at all so I think I comes down to your drs opinion. :roll:
  • Leanne lovely I know how u feel, I too had the same prob I wasn't ovulating at all and was not having periods. Clomid didn't even work. I felt truly gutted and felt there was no hope. However after being told to stop clomid and wait for my lap n dye and ovarian drilling appt I actually fell pg!!

    I am not saying it will work for everyone but I had started reflexology 2 months before and actually had 2 natural periods in that time and my BFP!! I totally believe reflexology is why I'm pg, I also changed a lot of things in my life to make me feel less stressed reduced my hours, took up evening course and 2 months later BFP!! I can only tell u my experience but I just wanted to give u hope from someone who didn't ov even on clomid... I still got


    I can't help with what the next step is I guess but I would have thought maybe a lap n dye and ovarian drilling if uv not had that already. Please don't get disheartened there are lots of option yet.

    X x
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