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How long have you been TTC?

How long have you been TTC I am now onto month 40 with not even a slight chance of a BFP!! image xx


  • 34 months.....sigh......with 1 m/c after 9 months. At least with my stupid cycles, its not 34 disappointments. Just continual.....hmmmm. Not sure which is worse!!!
  • We are on our 15th month this month.
  • 37 months for me, 1 mc in feb and 1 in sept!! Oh my it's a long old road..sometimes wonder why I put myself through this heartache. X
  • 18 months for us. Managed six periods in that time so a really straight forward!!!
  • 22 months, and, in the style of munchie and windy, managed 2 periods in that time, so at least none of this 2ww madness like last month.
  • Coming up to 36 cyclesimage

    Only took 3 months the first time which ended in mc and only 1 month the 2nd time which gave us our beautiful daughter in 2007.
  • It is horrible, I have not had any signs of a BFP let alone anything like you ladies have sadly gone through. xx
  • Ahh ive just sat and counted it in terms off months... and we have been ttc for..... 49months!!!!! Wow thats a scary figure.. and we have had 49 dissappointments! Well thats a lie tbh.. because at the start we werent properly trying and we have had a few months out inbetween at different times.. Im really beginning to give up hope!! Struggling these days... image xx
  • Mrs Cupcake we will get our BFP soon enough. Never ever give up hope. xx
  • We have been TTC for 36 long months now, having regular AF's throughout that time. No peaks/highs or a whiff of ovulation (so i think anyway hehe).

    Am hoping our fertility consultant will help us soon image
  • Been TTC 29 months xxx
  • Hugs to you all we will get our BFP!! Real soon. xx
  • Oh heres hoping Michaela... imageimage It has too be our turn soon eh xx
  • Chatted to a colleague today - she randomly told me that she was trying for 12 years! Had her first at 37, second at 39!

    Just a little encouraging!!!
  • Hey, yet another person on the fb forum has fallen pregnant!! image When will it ever be my turn? Sat in tears. xx
  • 36 months for us. no bfp yet. ov regularly. 30 day cycle. hubby sperm fine. apparently i'm stressed and need to stop thinking about it all.....HAHAHAHAHA yeah ok then!!!!!
  • I feel bad being so down after reading all your stories as its only been 16 months for me, thats since my mmc, but like the others until I started clomid I had 70 day cycles! Its so hard so goodness knows how you all cope you should all be proud of yourselves and heres hoping for your happy endings soon xxxxx
  • Hope you're doing ok Michaela it's really tough, I've been in tears tonight too.. Sister in law had 12 wk scam today and kindly sent me a pic.... I should have been 10 wks this wk. When will it be my time I'm finding this so hard. X
  • Hi ladies....17 months for us, 2 mc in that time. I'm 41 so time is not on my side ( I'm am lucky in that I have 2 grown up( well I should say older) sons. Last mc was only a few weeks ago and it has left me with a feeling that this was not something I was meant to have. We have decided that we are not going forward with any fertility treatment or any further investigations. What will be will be. I feel that the last 17 months has been lost to cycle days and OPKs, temperature taking and blood tests, bfps and devasting losses...lastly, something that I hope I never have to experience ever again....INTERNAL SCANS....especially when they are followed by " I'm sorry to have to tell you ....". It's just too hard. I wish you all success and hope that you don't let life pass you by while you wait for your wishes to come true xxx. Sorry this turned into a bit of a rant, guess I'm still a little raw, lots of love Tracy x
  • 40 long months for us with no sign of a bfp anywhere.Just finished crying and hubby trying to console me on the phone as hes not here with me :cry: . Its just so damn difficult. I keep asking when my turn will be. Im usually so optimistic but i've had a really shitty morning. Its taking too damn long.Lifes not fair at all. :cry:
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